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Here is my 3 part series all about HORMONES

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In KSFL we talk a lot about
hormones, but what do they actually

What are hormones?

Hormones act as a chemical
messaging system in our bodies.

There are different types of
hormones that are released and
are dictated by our food, drink,
activity levels and generally what we do.

They do this by travelling into
our bloodstreams, tissues and organs.

Hormones work like traffic lights. It tells our cells and organs when it is time to slow down, speed up and stop.

Our hormones are responsible for regulating:
Body development
Sexual function
Metabolism (How we get energy from food)

It is common to experience changes
in all of the above when changing
your diet and exercise rate.

Controlling your hormonal
release will change the shape of your
body and body fat percentage.

What do hormones do?

Hormones work by balancing each
other through our blood sugar levels.
For example, if you become stressed your
body releases a hormone called cortisol.
To reduce that hormone your body will desire another hormone called insulin. Insulin is also released when we eat sugary foods,  so when you become stressed it is common for your hormones to send a message to your brain and stomach telling you that you want some sugar.

Increased stress = increased cortisol = craving insulin (sugary foods) = increase body fat

How will this change my body fat?  

As mentioned food and drinks will
stimulate and regulate the release of
For example if you eat foods that produce more insulin on a regular bases a few things will happen to your hormones:

– You will crave that type of food more often and become addicted
– Your taste receptors will become dormant to variations from other food (you won’t like other food)
– Longterm your pancreas and liver become dysfunction – This is called Diabetes  
– Your energy levels will fluctuate and leave you tired and lethargic more often (therefore you will crave more insulin to try and get out of your energy dip)
You will store more body fat
Circulation of blood will become more difficult leading to heart related problems
You mood will change regularly

Understanding hormones is very important as food, drink, exercise and lifestyle all contribute to your hormonal response.

Ill be discussing tomorrow what are the main hormones are in relation to fatloss are.
I hope you find this interesting.
Do let me know
What are the main hormones you
should consider for fat loss?


Known as a stress hormone is produced by our adrenal glands. Increased by lack of sleep, over exercising/constantly exercising for long periods.
There are more cortisol receptors in your stomach therefore it is a place that will hold body fat if your levels are high. Cortisol weakens your immune system, contributes to infertility, increases blood pressure and reduces bone formation (contributing to osteoporosis)

Cortisol will always be present in our bodies. It is the sustained high levels that are dangerous and damaging.

Some ways that you can reduce your cortisol levels are:

– Supplementing with magnesium and omega 3
Relaxing more often (passive leisure: cinema, listening to  music etc)
Massage therapy
Enjoying yourself (laughter and humour)

Sleeping for 7-9 hours of unbroken time

Reduce the use of electrical equipment in
particular computers and mobile phone

Being well organised


Produced in the pancreas and is responsible for controlling and releasing sugar in our liver, muscle and fat cells.
When we eat carbohydrates (starch carbs) the sugar content is absorbed into our blood stream and elevates our blood sugar levels.
Sustained high levels of insulin cause us to become insulin resistant. This means our bodies become less sensitive to insulin, our immune systems are low, we become pre-diabetic and our body fat increases.
The opposite to this is insulin sensitive.

Ways to reduce your insulin level:

Eating good fats such as meat

Supplement with omega 3

Eating fish (high in omega 3)

Reduce starch carbohydrates

Eat low glycemic responding carbohydrates such as green vegetables

Improve your fibre intake from green vegetables

Reduce fructose intake (fruits)

Reduce alcohol intake (sugar)

Increase your antioxidant levels (Green tea is a good source)
Exercise regularly for short periods (Also reduces prolonged cortisol build up)

Increasing your muscle size allows for more insulin to be used.
Muscle acts as storage pods for insulin. Having more storage available will improve your insulin sensitivity.
Having low muscle mass would not be considered effective for fat loss. KSFL focuses on losing fat and not necessarily weight for this reason.

Consider your muscles as car parking bays.
The sugar are the cars. When the car parks are full there is nowhere else to park.
The sugar now has to find somewhere else to park (store as fat). By exercising using weight training and more conditioning based exercise you are creating more parking spaces (because the muscles are getting bigger)
so you will be able to tolerate more sugar.


If somebody is asking you if they can eat rice/carbs, the answer is yes…. when you deserve it!!!!
That means they have completed the detox, taken the KSFL programme, lost considerable amounts of body fat (have a low percentage) and feel happy to introduce a small amount (after exercise)
In tomorrows newsletter I will look
at more hormones that your fatloss.
Let me know if this is useful to you?
My aim with Kick Start is to empower
you to make the best
possible decisions about your
nutrition and health
& I really hope you enjoy these newsletter.
Have a great day!
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Part 3
Are Hormones Halting Your Fat loss
Here is the 3rd part of my series on hormones
& the crucial role they play in fatloss.

Found in the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system of the body. 90% of serotonin is in the stomach and regulates intestinal movements. Improving your serotonin levels will improve your digestion. Other factors that serotonin effects are mood, appetite and sleep, cognitive function. Some good ways to improve your serotonin are:
Eating protein, taking fish oil, sleeping well, exercising, eating fresh food, avoiding stimulants such as caffeine/alcohol.


Is an appetite stimulant that that is found in the stomach.
Ghrelin stimulates another hormone called growth hormone from the anterior pituitary gland. Growth hormone is required to burn body fat. Ghrelin receptors are blocked and the signal from your stomach to your brain (that tells you when you are hungry or full) becomes unclear if your diet is heavy in sugar and generally bad foods.
Eventually the signal mis-fires and regulates at the wrong times (leaving you with food cravings). Food that contains preservatives, sweeteners, are preserved or covered in sauces will all contribute to poor Ghrelin responses being lower.
The relationship between the stomach to brain is obviously important for fat loss but also how other brain chemical respond. For example, there is a connection with the chemical dopamine that prevents cell degeneration of the brain. This leads to a condition called Parkinson’s if prolonged.
The Ghrelin response is commonly felt after eating fast food. When eating fast food you will become full quickly and feel tired and bloated after. A short time later you will crave sugar and eventually become hungry again even though a short time ago you had a large meal.

Other foods that will effect you Ghrelin response are high in starch and gluten such as pasta, potato, bread and flour.

One of the best ways to allow your Ghrelin receptors to work efficiently is to eat a protein breakfast.
The morning is when your stomach receptors are clear and the neurotransmission between the stomach and brain are set for the rest of the day.
Eating protein will allow you to feel fuller for longer, give you brain the satisfaction from the amino acids (that are essential) and prevent fast drops in sugar (referred to as a spike) that you would get if you ate cereals, toast, yoghurt or fruit for breakfast not forgetting drinks like orange juice or smoothies (all full of sugar)

Leptin also works with ghrelin and serotonin as another hormone to regulates energy.
Growth Hormone

This is the mother of all hormones for us. Growth hormone is the hormone that we are trying to create more of. This is regulated by 3 things. Sleep, exercise and nutrition. When this is release it feeds on body fat. It is important that you follow all of the above advice and tips because all of these factors contribute to your overall growth hormone response.

Growth hormone also has an effect on sexual hormones as it will control testosterone levels. Eating protein will give your body the amino acids you need for growth, repair, development and fat loss. It is vital not to under eat for fat loss.
When exercising hard your body will require protein. By not giving the body amino acids will prevent growth hormone doing its job correctly.

Blood sugar levels

The hormones contribute to your overall blood sugar levels.
This is what we are trying to balance and control better.
Blood sugar level is the amount of glucose (sugar) that is in your body.
The sugar enters your blood stream via your liver (constant sugar abuse leads to your liver not working – Type 2 Diabetes)
Insulin allows for the transportation of the sugar and travels via your pancreas also.

Blood sugar levels will fluctuate during the day. Food, drink and environmental factors will all contribute to this. Blood sugar levels are lower in the morning.

Hormones are effected by sleep, nutrition and exercise
Fat loss is determined by how well you sleep, eat, drink and exercise
Eating protein and vegetables are essential
Cortisol is related to stress
Insulin is related to sugar
Ghrelin is related to appetite
Serotinin is related to digestion
Leptin is related to energy
Growth hormone is why we burn body fat
Hormones are messaging systems in our bodies
Hormones control the signals from our organs and brains
Does that help?
Let me know.
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