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The Osteoporosis Question and Kick Start

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The Big Osteoporosis Question!

If you are a regular reader of
my Kick Start newsletters and Blog posts you will know I
don’t advocate dairy when embarking on Kick Start.

And the biggest question I get is usually
from women who are approaching menopause, going though
it or coming out the other side.

“Rachel, What About Osteoporosis”

“You are telling me to cut out dairy 
so where am I getting my calcium”

Its a big concern for many people.

YOU may have Osteoporosis in your family or have friends
suffering with it.

Osteoporosis is
known as the “silent disease and
over 3million people in the UK
have it.

There are approx 300,000 fragility fractures every year.

Who is at risk?

*Menopausal women
*If you have taken steroids for Asthma over the years,
* Family history
* Smokers
Those on thyriod meds

Many women are actually lactose intolerant ( And don’t realise it)
so drinking milk is not going to help. It will cause more
issues in the gut, skin problems, brain fog and weight gain

Your Nutrition is KEY and is why Kick Start works so well.

**Focus on eating your greens & vegetables.
You will get more than enough

**HIIT training is perfect for maintaining strong bones.

**Increase your fish intake

**Get some Vitamin D – get out into the sunlight – even if its only FEBRUARY!

Let me know what  you think 🙂

Happy Tuesday

Love Rachel xxx
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* Thanks to Michelle Lyons & Jenny Burrell **
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