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This question pops up at every launch… so let me go into a little more detail and give you some breakfast recipes too!

So what is it about Oats on KSFL?

Whilst oats do not contain gluten, they contain avenin, which is a protein similar to gluten. We remove gluten from the diet on KSFL and therefore porridge as it is an unknown quantity.

Problems can occur if oats are produced in the same place as wheat, barley and rye, as the oats can become contaminated with these other grains. Oat products which are often labelled as ‘100% oats’, ‘pure oats’ or ‘organic’ oats are your best bet.

If you LOVE porridge for breakfast, then here is how to have it on KSFL:

  • Do not have porridge on Detox as it is not good for weight loss- Think about adding it back in on your maintenance plan to see you you feel?
  • Use organic oats and check the ingredients to make sure there are no extras added in there!
  • Use almond milk instead of cows milk.
  • Do not top it with lots of fruit and honey, how about just a little sprinkling of blueberries?
  • As with any plan mix it up with a good range of breakfasts throughout the week, try the recipes below.
  • Try our Quinoa porridge as a substitute to oats.


avocado bean fritatta

blueberry chia pudding

Purple Breakfast Shake

eay butternut pumpkin porridge

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