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Is Your Thyriod Stopping You From Losing Weight?

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Is Your Thyroid
Stopping You From Losing Weight?
One in five people in the UK
suffer from thyroid problems – especially women.

An underactive thyroid can affect heart rate,

bowel activity, skin, muscle and other organs.

Symptoms for an underactive gland include tiredness, lack of concentration, poor memory and muscle aches, while an overactive gland can be spotted by eye problems, hair
thinning, a tender neck and constant hunger.

One key issue is fluoridation of the UK water supply,
which Thyroid campaigners claim can
affect thyroid sufferers greatly.

Stress and your thyroid

Its that pesky STRESS word again….

Have you got thyroid problems – Are they diagnosed?

Are you on medication for thyroid issues ?

Are you aware the HUGE impact the food you eat
has on the thyroid?

So, what is the thyroid and what does it actually do?

The thyroid gland sits at the base of the throat and
produces the hormone, thyroxine.  

Thyroxine primarily tells cells to speed up their energy production – metabolism.

When you are in a state of prolonged stress and your cortisol is high in response to this stress, thyroxine levels fall dramatically.

This is because the adrenal hormone cortisol, is directly antagonistic to thyroxine.

The thyroid is trying to conserve energy by

slowing down the metabolism
in response to an emergency situation.  

Don’t forget – your body cannot tell the difference with stress from being stuck in traffic to stress as you are in life threatening situation – the chemical response is always the same.


As a result, thyroxine levels fall.

Lots of people suspect that their battle with
weightloss  is down to a poor metabolism
& thyroid disfunction.

Nutrition and  food choices

play suc  a HUGE role in thyroid disfunction.

The Thyroid tests measure two things:-

Thyroid stimulating hormone – TSH
the level of thyroxine

TSH is produced by the pituitary gland and it tells the thyroid gland to produce more thyroxine.

It produces two types of thyroxine.
T4 is a pre-hormone that gets converted into T3 which is the active hormone.
T3 is the one that counts.

When cortisol levels rise under stress, TSH levels fall so there is less stimulation of the thyroid gland.

It is important to recognise that cortisol stops the inactive T4 from converting to the active T3.  

So, low TSH and low T3 are indicators of prolonged stress.


What can you do?

1: Eat a diet rich in vegetables, good fat, moderate lean protein to help lower stress and cortisol – Follow one of the Kick Start plans they will really help.

We have amazing case studies
of underactive and overactive Thyroid sufferers who
have seen
amazing results when eating a Kick Start nutrition plan.

2: Work on sleep hygiene to help lower stress.

3: Try Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & daily walks to

lower stress levels.

Getting your nutrition on point is

KEY to optimum thyroid function.
Long term consumption of Sugar, Soy, Gluten and
high carbohydrate
foods will create havoc with thyroid function.
They are SO worth cutting right out of the diet,
you will see symptoms diminish pretty quickly.

What Can Harm The Thyroid

Soy and Your Thyroid – I always asked about soy every day

and soy products, (I’m writing about this tomorrow)
Genistein is particularly harmful for
people who have pre-existing low or low thyroid function.
Genistein is one of several known isoflavones. Isoflavones, such as genistein and daidzein, are found in a number of plants, with soybeans and soy products like tofu and textured vegetable protein (such as margarines) being the primary food source.

A daily dose of  genistein as low as 30mg can affect normal  thyroid function. High consumption of isoflavones such as soy burgers can bring the total daily genistein intake to over 200mg.

Have you been diagnosed  with any Thryroid issues ?

Are you on Thyroxin?
My goal is to help you make informed choices
about your health. Choosing the best foods
to make you THRIVE, cut down on medication
and help you FEEL and perform at your very best.
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