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Have you heard the news “Dolmio sauce should only be used Occasionally”

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Have you heard the news today that everyone is talking about?

“Mars food, the company behind Dolmio’s pasta sauce, is to introduce a new label advising its consumers that its products that are higher in fat, salt and sugar should be only eaten “occasionally”. Taken from The Independent


Processed food has hidden baddies, you may not realise when glancing through the ingredients and that is why we always say HOME MADE IS BEST! Even the companies themselves are telling you NOT TO EAT IT!

The battle is constant to get word out there, and stories like this really highlight the importance of the lack of information out there to do with the nutrition in your supermarkets.

KSFL promote a diet of home made food and organic products that don’t have any extra hidden ingredients, once you try it… you won’t go back!

You will be FULL of ENERGY, ALERT, HAPPY, POSITIVE, DROP WEIGHT and GLOW! Nutrition really it the key.

Try our recipe for home made faux pasta and tomato sauce… it is just as fast to make and you KNOW exactly what is in it…

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