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Procrastination can be a real problem… you may REALLY want to get your work done but there are SO MANY other little niggly things to do as well that are running through your mind. 

I want to help you manage your workload without letting your mind wander away!




Here are my KSFL™ Top tips to STOP
procrastination and get the important stuff done.

•LISTS- Write a list in ORDER of what needs doing most urgently. Start from the top and don’t let yourself skip to the next point down the list until you have finished the first.
•WATER and FATS- Drink plenty of water and increase your good fats- this is proven to keep the brain more alert.
•GOOD FOOD- Make sure you have brain food throughout the day… avocados, seeds and plenty of good fats.
•MOVE MORE- Make sure every hour or so you get up and have a wander, even get outside for some fresh air. This will wake you up and get the blood flowing. (We will be releasing a KSFL Move More programme very soon)
•CLEAN UP- Clear your desk before you start work, only keep out what you need.. a cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind
•Only put a maximum of 5 things on your daily list. These tasks must be completed by the end of the day,these are tasks that take your closer to your big goals. Stop putting 25 tasks down that you will never complete. Be realistic with the time you have, so you feel successful by the end of the day not overwhelmed by the stuff you haven’t done.

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