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It is the Wellness Stars question of the week; where I ask my trusty Franchisees a wellness FAQ ..


The question this week:

What are your top tips for planning and prepping the week’s healthy meals?


Here is what they said:

Chris Tuck KSFL West Wickham

Write a 7 day meal planner. Work out the ingredients you need
Shop ie from the Butcher, supermarket or local farm ( I have a weekly order)
Freeze the meat /fish until 24 hours before its needed
Batch cook any meals on your weekly list and freeze
Night before defrost any ingredients from freezer
Prep any vegetables
Use slow cooker whenever possible. I buy fresh veg every few days

Always know what you are going to eat and when to ensure your success.
Heather Pring KSFL West Somerset

Write a list of commitments for the week , after school clubs, meetings , etc and plan your food to work for you .

For get recipes for a week and go back to basics ! Steak and veg , chicken stir fry .

Be proud of your achievements , it really helps !

Danni Evans KSFL Ellesmere

If you are a busy person and need to keep things simple create a Mon – Fri plan and stick with the same meals for 4 weeks (or more – depending on how much you like those meals) Then use Saturday and Sunday to experiment a little more when you might have more time. Doing the same thing week in week out makes shopping easier, and less time needed to plan.

Francesca Flin KSFL Orpington

I am so busy so for me, it’s all about batch cooking, also cooking more than I need – and then “leftovers” nights – who wants what?! Usually enough portions from earlier in the week, enough for one or two people so then it’s first come first served to avoid arguments!

Michelle Jermy KSFL Thetford

Write a list of 3-5 ideas for breakfasts/lunches/dinners. Place an online order & safe the shopping basket. This way if you become stuck for time you know at the click of a button your groceries will arrive & be KSFL friendly.

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Nicola Carless KSFL Bromsgrove

I have a planner on the fridge and each week I write on it what meals we are going to be having each day for the week ahead. I make sure that I get all the shopping done at the weekend so we have the ingredients we need for each meal. Meals that can be batch cooked and any preparation that can be done in advance are done at the weekend too. I also cook double the amount for meals that can be frozen so there is always something in the freezer that we can use on our less prepared days!

Suzanne Richardson KSFL Kingswinford

Getting into a routine, i usually internet shop so that i am not tempted and buy what i need just then bits to get from local butchers and our local farmers market, before i shop i plan the meals for the week. always make sure i have things in freezer to throw in slow cooker or make soup incase im ever caught out or dont fancy what is for dinner. Soup from frozen veg in the soup maker takes 21 mins so no excuse. breakfast though, i always make sure ive planned bfast as get that right and it sets you up for the rest of the day.


Tracy Harrison KSFL Plymouth

I usually plan what I’m going to eat 1 wk in advance. That way you can make sure you’ve got lots of variety so you don’t get bored. I bulk buy my meat and freeze in portions where possible e.g. Butchers, blanch vegetables. Try to do online shop so I only buy what I need and not tempted by anything else. Any food I have made and left over either gets portioned and eaten for breakfast or frozen as an emergency meal.

Jennifer Davidson KSFL Milton Keynes

Plan your meals for week or two ahead Then write out your shopping list or add to the KSFL Shopping List.
See which meals can be frozen if you decide to cook in bulk . You never know who going to drop in.
If I get the time I usually season my meats/ chic peas, lentils,the night before. Then cook them in different ways the next day and freeze them. Then all I have to do is the vegetables and Crabs. Yes you may spend a little time in the kitchen. But remember preparation done the night before.If I have the time I use the slow cooker.

Sindy Matthews KSFL Banbury

Batch cook, saves time and put your food in freezer bags to save on room
In the freezer if you have a small freezer.
Always make food you like. Don’t go for food you know you won’t enjoy or you’ll just pick at false foods such as sweets and crisps.


I hope that has been a helpful blog!

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