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2.5 million people are affected by back pain every year. The numbers are increasing dramatically with more people heading to their GP, Physics & Chiropractors seeking advice and treatment.

Here are some simple exercises to ease back pain, please do ask your GP before you undertake these exercises and take them slowly and gently.

Back stretch

Start Kneeling on all fours, with your knees under hips and hands under shoulders.

Keep your neck long, your shoulders back and don’t lock your elbows. Then gently take your bottom backwards, maintaining the natural curve in the spine. Hold the stretch for one deep breath and return to the starting position.
Repeat 10 times.


Knee rolls

Start with lying on your back. Place a small cushion under your head. Keep your knees bent and together. Keep your upper body relaxed and your chin gently tucked in.
Then roll your knees to one side, followed by your pelvis, keeping both shoulders on the floor. Hold the stretch for one deep breath and return to the starting position.
Repeat 10 times, alternating sides.

Back extensions

Start lying on your stomach, and prop yourself on your elbows, lengthening your spine. Keep your shoulders back and neck long.
Then arch your back up by pushing down on your hands. You should feel a gentle stretch in the stomach muscles as you arch backwards. Breathe and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Return to the starting position.
Repeat 10 times.

Pelvic tilt motion

Start lying on your back. Place a small, flat cushion or book under your head. Bend your knees and keep your feet straight and hip-width apart. Keep your upper body relaxed and your chin gently tucked in.
Then gently flatten your low back into the floor and contract your stomach muscles. Now tilt your pelvis towards your heels until you feel a gentle arch in your lower back, feeling your back muscles contracting and return to the starting position.
Repeat 10 times, tilting your pelvis back and forth in a slow rocking motion.

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