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What Day Is It Again……. ?
I thought I was right on top of everything then suddenly it’s Thursday
and the days are
running away so fast……
Anyway ……. I sent a goal setting email out to my Instructor
list this morning and have had
tons of messages back from the guys, saying YES they are ON IT and
all off goal setting in earnest…. (well that’s what they are telling me!)
So, I thought, I’d tweak that email and get it out to the
Kick Starters and hope
it inspires you…..

If you are still floating about in your new nighty & dressing gown,
with your hair standing on end, eating chocolate
for breakfast, tripping over Lego
and playing games………



It’s all gone a bit too fast for my liking.

So here it is……
How To Achieve Your 2017 Goals

It’s a new year full of new opportunities, a chance to start fresh and work towards what you really want to achieve.

I want you to be the best you can be and have everything you possibly could want, so here are my top tips to make the most of 2017.

Set Them Early….. LIKE TODAY!!!!

Come on get out your journal and start WRITING 🙂

Just let the pen go and write or scribble away.

Don’t get to January 1st and think “shit, I haven’t set any goals”. …or just keep motoring along………… STOP and THINK.

Go into the new year with a clear mind and some predetermined goals you want to work towards.

Try and outline these TODAYif you haven’t already.
Think Deeply
A lot of my clients and class members will set goals based on physical appearance. Try to think beyond how you look and into how you FEEL, how you think, who you are as a person and where you want to take your career and your life.

These deeper goals will improve your life so much more.
Be Focused

Try to not set 50 goals.
Instead, focus on a handful of key things you want to achieve.
Do less, but better.
Dream Big then dream a bit BIGGER!!!!!!
Be ambitious.

Set goals which have a clear path. Break each goal down into smaller practical steps and work towards these first. A big goal is exciting, but daunting then take baby steps EVERY DAY and before you know it you will be there!
Put Them In Writing

Write down your goals, whether that’s on paper or in a spreadsheet.

Make yourself accountable by putting them where you can’t avoid them,
so they remind you on a daily basis what you’re working towards.
Be Specific – this is an old cliche but so true!!!!

Make sure your goals are specific and CLEAR…FEEL IT…TASTE IT…
Avoid general statements like

“I want to be successful with my career” and replace them with sentences like

“I want to have my first online product up and out by 31st January”.

This gives you a specific task and deadline to work towards.

Check In With Yourself

Don’t just write down your goals on January 1st and never look at them again until December.

Make time each week and every day to look
through your personal goals and reflect on what you’re doing
to work towards them.


Do the work 🙂

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