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New Classes in RIPLEY and TAMWORTH

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Launching our new Kick Start Transformation Courses

in January 2017

Ripley, Derbyshire & Tamworth 


BOOK NOW For The Early Bird Deals

Here are our Kick Start January 2017 Dates.


Kick Start RIPLEY

8 Week with Kirsty Trapp 


Monday 9th January 2017


Ripley Methodist Church 

Ripley. Derbyshire.





Kick Start Tamworth with Jane Meer

Monday 9th January 2017 

Wilnecote Leisure Centre in Tamworth

5 week course 







Time to stop feeling unhappy and down about

your weight and health.


Look at these cracking results.


Feeling fed up and disheartened not sure what gym to join, class to start, diet to follow or are you thinking about white knuckling it and having a go on your own?

Are you feeling stuck in a hamster wheel of lose a pound gain 2 pounds and the weight seems to be creeping on around you middle no matter what you do?


Are you battling health niggles – IBS, Chrones, Low Mood, Depression and Anxiety, Skin Allergies, Bloating, Tired and Lethargic, Low Lidido, Migraines….. Do you know getting on track with your nutrition can see symptoms drastically reduce?

Does the sun coming out feel you with dread …what are you going to wear?



I’m a  Women’s Health, Fatloss and Wellness Specialist with 30  years experience in the fitness industry.

My specialist programme Kick Start Fat Loss guarantees you results in all aspects of weight management, health and well-being – mentally and physically.


Designed for women who seriously have tried EVERYTHING and have come to that point where they need:


  • Emotional and mind set  support while making lifestyle changes.
  • Proper coaching methods.
  • To understand how hormones are playing a huge role in results and what you can do to gain back control over your body.
  • Make sleep a priority and how sleep affects your health.
  • True support and accountability.
  • The right intensity workout for YOU – heart rate monitoring and making sure you are training in a zone that’s exactly right for you.
  • The very best and most up to date nutrition plan that reduces inflammation, drops body fat and see health niggles diminish.
  • Not be beasted in a class by someone who doesn’t understand individual needs and bio-individuality This will only cause you more stress.
  • Manage stress effectively with meditation, relaxation and calming breath work.

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Is this YOU

*I look at YOU as an individual and I address your total health.


*It’s not just a food plan and 30minute exercise I look at you stress levels, any medication you are on, your work/life balance, how you are sleeping, how much time do you have, help you plan your food and ideas for your family meals,


*I want to know why you nutrition has gone wrong in the past – what your stumbling blocks are.


*I have coached thousands of people all over the world in the Kick Start their Lifestyle.


I very rarely run classes locally but I am running a very specialised 4 week Kick Start for women who are seriously ready for change and what to get results.


Women who are looking for the very best intelligent approach.

Women who are committed to changing mentally and physically.


Every day I see  women beasting themselves in classes and the gym, while chronically under eating good food and over eating pro inflammatory food. Rushing around stressed, depressed, chasing their tails, sleeping less 5 or 6 hours (If that) battling health niggles  and on unnecessary medication.



Mentally beating themselves up and promising themselves  “This Monday they WILL get back on it” with no plan to start the under eating cycle then binging by Wednesday plus running homes, families, jobs and trying to keep it all together.



This doesn’t have to go  on.




Are you ready for me to help you finally get it?


Don’t miss out this time 🙂 




Kick Start Fat Loss is results based,

empowering, educational and

life changing






Lets do this 🙂






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