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The morning doesnt have to be the STRUGGLE of the day, and in fact by making it a positive experience it can change your whole outlook on the day.

Read our top tips to making your morning ENJOYABLE:


  1. Wake up EARLIER- If you wake up a little earlier you can allow yourself more time and create a relaxing routine.
  2. Put on a song that brings you joy- Music is such a powerful tool for jumpstarting your morning on the right foot. Some people like to wake up to the radio whilst others like to pop on a favourite cd.
  3. Drink a warming beverage, Spearmint or green tea wakes up and energises the body as well as warming you on cold mornings.
  4. Scrub off your night of rest- Exfoliate the dead skin cells away and feel refreshed for the day.
  5.  HIIT workout with Rachel Holmes- every morning at 8am Rachel does a different workout that is only 10 minutes long.

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6. Have an energising breakfast such as a green juice to kick start your vitamin intake.

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