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KSFL Warlingham Amazing Results

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Lindsay of KSFL Warlingham and Total Body Fitness 4 U has had some fantastic results from her group and wanted to share these testimonials to help others on their journey.

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Read below:


P Harrison:

“I didn’t start the KSFL 12 week problem because I needed to lose weight. My weight is fine, my diet on the whole is good. I’ve always lived very healthy during the week, and less so at the weekend. I ran half marathons every couple of months, making me relatively fit. This all changed 2 years ago, when my Dad who suffered with alcohol addiction became very ill. I work in the cycling industry and spend a lot of time driving up and down the county, it’s not uncommon for me to drive over 1000 miles over the week. Following a tough week, I was finishing work on Friday and driving to Lancashire to look after Dad. I would head back to Surrey late Sunday evening. This went on for 6 months until the inevitable happened.
His death hit me hard and to cut a very long 18 months short I found myself in dark place, self medicating with drink. I wasn’t sleeping or eating and the thought of putting on my trainers and heading out for a run was the last thing on my mind. 6 months after losing Dad I had quite a serious operation and was laid up for 12 weeks. I was in a terribly dark place and could see no way out. I looked terrible and was an emotional wreck.

A Chance meeting with Lindsay Gillam (Total Body Fitness), she told me about KSFL and invited me to the launch night. After listening to Rachel talk about KSFL, and the topics covered throughout the 12 weeks I knew I had to give it a go. I wanted to get my life back, after all I wasn’t the one who died.

I chose to do 100% detox for 28 days, the results have been life changing, both physically and mentally . In the first 4 weeks I have lost 1.5″ from my waist, 4.3/4″ from my hips and 1/2″ from my left arm. This is great, but more importantly I feel a sense of calm. I meditate 3 times per week, I’m sleeping through the night. I’m up early to do KSFL workouts, which I do twice through. I’m also running again. It has changed my life. I can’t thank Lindsay enough for telling me about KSFL and inviting me to the launch night, that very first night I started a life changing journey, initially to get like back, but it’s given me so much more.”

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Michelle Rumble

“I want to thank Lindsay Gillam for introducing me to the KSFL programme. It’s amazing how my mindset has changed over the last 28 days. Although I have chosen the scenic route (mainly because my choices as a vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish would be limited), I have generally stuck to it apart from when I have been out or at special events. I have not touched a drop of caffeine although I confess I’ve had the odd glass of wine but I don’t really like it anymore! My friends seriously don’t believe I have gone off wine! Anyway, the food I’ve been eating has been amazing and so easy to make. I need that being a busy working mum of two! My clothes feel looser but I’ve not measured myself for a few weeks so I’m hoping I’ve lost a few more inches but I have lost half a stone.

Lindsay has been extremely supportive and active on our Facebook group always answering our questions and giving advice, encouraging us along the way. Enjoyed the weekly meetings/HIIT workout , her live videos (even though I didn’t watch them until the following day!) and all the posts regarding specific topics – she has been a superb mentor.

Having attended Lindsays classes over the past few years and knowing what an excellent fitness instructor she is, it filled me with confidence to commence this 12 week programme and I am so pleased I signed up to it!

Thank you.

Michelle Rumble”


“I have not had anywhere near the weight / inch loss that others have. I’ve lost just 4 pounds and 6.5 inches, but as you know I am not doing this to lose weight. I only weighed 9stone 1lb when I started so I didn’t consider myself to be big and I was worried that if I lost too much weight I would lose it off my face and look even more haggard than I do anyway. So, I’m very pleased with the results I’ve had and I’m keen to remain at my current weight.

I started to lose weight last year when I found the 8 week blood sugar diet, written by Dr Michael Mosley. It is aimed at people who are either bordering type 2 diabetics or who have already been diagnosed as such. I wasn’t either of those. I chose to make the food in that book because I was fed up with meat and 2 veg. The recipes in his book are so gorgeous. I didn’t follow the strict 8 week diet, but even so I lost 4 lbs following those recipes and most of it came from my waist. A great result as I had tried for years to reduce my waistline and it didn’t matter how much exercise I did it just wouldn’t go down. On the fat loss diet you remove the bad carbohydrates from your diet so when I started KSFL I was already weened off them.

So, in total since about March last year I’ve lost a total of about 8lbs. My clothes feel so much more comfortable.

There are a number of reasons for doing KSFL:
I was keen to enhance the knowledge I had got from the low blood sugar diet.
I wanted to reduce my sugar intake, permanently and cut down on the amount of alcohol I drank.
after my best friend moved to Spain last year I was feeling a bit lonely and wanted to meet some new people, who, like me, are concerned about looking after themselves and not just allowing themselves to become blobs! So many think that is just inevitable.
and finally,
I wanted to find a new fitness regime as I was fed up with my old gym after going there for at least the last 20 years!
So, how’s it gone? Well,
the information we are getting from both Rachel and you is fascinating. It supplements the information in the Michael Mosley book and broadens it. I believe both sources are well researched and reliable so I’m very happy to follow both.
I have reduced both my sugar intake and alcohol and I have every intention of not slipping back into my old habits
the support that the Facebook group give to everyone is invaluable. I feel a bit like an interloper as I only know one other person who is doing KSFL but I have been treated in exactly the same way as everyone else whenever I’ve posted on Facebook. I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone a bit better over the next 8 weeks.
I have enjoyed your Wednesday evening classes, although I thought I was going to die after the first one I did. Once my gym membership has ended I’ll definitely be doing more of your classes.
AND, (don’t worry, I’ll finish soon) I think that by cutting out dairy products I have cured the bursitis I had in my left hip for 8 or 9 years and I’ve manged to reduce the heart palpitations I’ve suffered for the last 3 to 4 years since I started with the menopause. The low blood sugar diet does not cut out dairy, but I am going to do my utmost to cut it out of my diet from now on.

So, all in all I’m very happy with KSFL, even though I’ve hardly lost any weight. Thanks for letting me join.




“So I started KSFL to lose some pounds and support Mr P but I am thrilled to discover that I am now totally converted to a completely new way of eating which I believe in the profession is called a “Paleo diet” with no snacking in-between meals. I have enjoyed cooking which quite honestly I used to hate. I have discovered the joy of Yoga and the benefits of HIIT . I have enjoyed making new friends who are also sharing this lifestyle change and the best bit is I haven’t felt particularly restricted as I have always eaten healthily and exercised but by cutting out the sugar , diary and wheat in my diet I have seen a massive change in just 4 weeks. I have also noticed that I haven’t had any heart palpitations (caused by an increase in my thyroxine dosage ) since starting KSFL !! And here are the results

I have lost 10lbs of fat and 8.5 inches

1 inch from my chest
4.5 inches from my waist
1.5 inches from my hips
1 inch from my right thigh
.5 inch from my left thigh
both arms stayed the same

My Body Mass Index has reduced from
25.7 to 24.7
My Body Fat has reduced from
33.5 to 31.4
My Body Water has increased
from 46.2 to 47.8

Thank you to Lindsay Gillam for introducing us to KSFL and for all the support and tips you have given us as well as the great HIIT class.

Not forgetting MrP Andrew Price who has done amazingly and has also supported me on my journey. regards



“My Turn…

Honesty is the best policy.

I’m BIG!. And I know I’m BIG! (Angela Price keeps telling me)

I’ve never liked discussing my actual weight but with everyone in the group being honest and open I thought I would put it out there, mainly so I don’t stop the journey I’m am on.


Highlights of the last 28 days.
1: The food. It’s has been tasty (with the help of great herbs ? and spices), and with zero sugars my taste buds are loving everything.
2: The group. Inspiring, informative and honest. That’s all I can say.
3: Not doing double Bootcamp workouts 3 times a week. (Loving that ?)
4: Found Lindsay’s boxercise tough but very enjoyable (and amazingly de-stressing) which may have been a contributing factor to my inches lost off my neck (Kerry) and my chest.
5: Getting to bed earlier and Sleeping alot better



Now for the brutal bit.

11.01.17 to 12.02.17


I have lost 6inches in total

Weight 19st 7.5 to 18st 3.5 (18lbs off)

Body Mass Index reduced from 36.2 to 34.4

Body fat reduced from 48 to 44.6

Body water increased from 37.2 to 39.7


My goals for the next 28 days.

To continue……
You may notice my Bmi was, and still is way to high.
Over 30 is clinically obese ?.
So I’m aiming to be at 29.9 by the end of the 12 week program.

Oh, and to buy a really nice fitted suit.

Thank you Angela, Lindsay and the KSFL Jan 2017 crew.
Couldn’t do it without you.

Best of luck and results in your own journeys.”


“I am much better able to cope with my busy lifestyle and much calmer when dealing with my 2 year old and any day to day niggles in general. Nothing comes easy, and the wine and chocolate monster will always follow me, but I now know how to cope with them, and still have the odd treat so that it’s all worth it. Oh, and I look fantastic in my new sexy trousers.”


“So final weigh in was a loss of 11 lb and a total of 13 inches lost.
My son came home fom a school trip on Saturday and when he hugged me he said oh my god mum you feel really skinny! Lol
That was nice 🙂
Skinny is a little optimistic! ? but it’s nice to feel comfortable in my clothes !
Anyway I’m pleased with the results. I took the scenic route enjoying the odd sweet potato, berries and breakfast bars.

Anyway we as a family have made quite a few lifestyle changes that we are going to stick to and I hope to continue to lose more weight over the next 8 weeks.
I’m trying to look at this as a long term thing and hope by Xmas I’ll be where I want to be.
The first four weeks has had some really tough moments but I got through it with the support of lindsay, Facebook group, my friends and my family.
I’m definitely feeling better but the main thing for me is having control back which I’ve lacked for a long time!

Sarah x”


WELL DONE to Linday’s KSFL group fantastic results!

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