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Is Weighing Yourself
Messing with Your Head And Sending You Crazy
and a MOTIVATIONAL AUDIO to help you
stay positive?


Let me know what you think listen to my motivational audio below:


Did you jump out of bed this
morning & head to the bathroom?

Come on admit it…if you did

What was the verdict?

Are you going to let that number
dictate your mood?

If it was lower than yesterday
will that determine if you have a good

If it was higher than yesterday
are you going to be in a bad mood?
Is that reading going to dictate
what you wear?

How do you feel?

What you eat for the rest of the day
& the choices your make socially?
It’s really time to stop this

Although it’s very tempting
to weigh yourself daily,
please try not to.

The reasons are multiple,
some people will lose more weight
at the beginning of Kick Start,
and others will lose more
weight later as the body gets
used to the new regime & lifestyle.


On Kick Start we are trying to keep
your blood sugar & hormone levels
much lower, stopping the constant spiking
your weight could swing
up or down as much as 3 or 4
pounds every day.


How do you FEEL ….?

Your measurements are more
important than what you see on
the scales, which is why I focus on
your inch loss and how you look from
week to week with your photos.

Also it can be heartbreaking,
if you jump
on the scales after 7 days or 14 days
and the scales have only moved a small amount.

Because we all lose body fat at different speeds.

Your measurements and photos are

90% more important than what the scales say.
Remember; Scales are for fish.

Don’t let that number
dictate you having a fantastic day x

Your Health is Wealth…..

Choose foods that bring you closer to health
not foods that take you further away from health
is key….

It’s a marathon …. not a sprint.

Love Rachel


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