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I have had an amazing response to Magnesium since
introducing in October and it is now back in stock.
Now available kickstartfatloss.co_magnesium

I recently wrote a blog about how
getting the best sleep you consistently can, and bringing your stress levels down on a daily basis are the biggest things to do
when you are addressing your health and trying to lose body fat.

I have been struggling with my sleep for about 4 years
and it’s a tough.

Getting off to sleep fine, but then waking up at 1am
totally wired with a million ideas running through my head.

Trying to solve problems and feeling really creative.

Then not being able to get back to sleep till 4.

This has a catastrophic effect on the adrenal glands and sends
Cortisol – the stress and fat storing hormone through the roof.

It not healthy and this has a knock with your appetite,
cravings, mood, depression and belly fat.

Unless you address your sleep losing fat and feeling
at your best really is an uphill battle.

But Magnesium really has changed my life.

I get 7 / 8 hours consistently, my stress levels are comin and my body fat % has dropped and I feel HAPPIER.

I was getting snappy and irritable and irrational at times, its decades of being chronically sleep deprived.
I’ve finally got my own Magnesium Supplements formulated and here they are these have changed my life – sleep wise/ stress wise and making a massive difference lowering cortisol


I take 4 tablets per day 2 with lunch then 2 about an hour before bed. I cant tell you the difference its made to my sleep, stress and general well being

I have an initial run of 100 tubs and you can order direct on the website 🙂

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