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KSFL Cambridge with Kelly Reed-Banks are now receiving their first set of results from their  12 week kick start body transformation programme.

A massive congratulations to these wonderful women:

•••Carrie Stearn who lost 16 inches and 1 stone in weight in 6 weeks

“Feeling proud 16 inches lost, 1 stone down and dropped a dress size in 6 weeks ?I couldn’t of done it without you Kelly Reed-Banks & Darren Stearn for being so supportive thank you, certainly going to keep this up!! X”

•••Carole Everson who has lost a further 21.5 inches, on this course which brought her total to 46 inches & 3 stone 10lbs since sept!!!!!
•••Leonie Hunt who’s lost 23.5 inches and over a stone in 12 weeks

•••Suzy also lost over 15 inches in 12 weeks!

We can’t wait to see more results from KSFL Cambridge with Kelly!


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