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Month: June 2018

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Easy Breakfast Recipes

Keep breakfasts simple and you will find it easy to have good quality nutritious breakfasts throughout the week– I am sure you have been told a million times it is the most important meal of the day… but it really is! How you start the day sets the tone for the rest of the day!

Put a Zing in Your Step Motivation

Put a ZING in your step! To get you skipping out of the door with a summery zing in your step, make sure you eat a high protein breakfast & fit in a quick 10min workout. 1: Here is a quick 10minute HIIT workout for you to do NOW:   2: Take a COLD Shower – YES I

Sun Kissed Salads

Salads are MADE for Summer- if you are searching for a fresh and light lunch or dinner here you go:  

Quick Summer Fat Burning Tips

Have the hot sunny days got you reaching for the Ben & Jerrys, Pimms & snacking on Magnums? Have you skipped your HIIT workout as it’s “TOO HOT……!!” If so don’t despair, get straight back on the clean eating wagon! Here is a quick 10minute HIIT Workout to get your sweating all of those toxins right out:   Quick

Fruit Pops For The Kids

Keep Summer snacks simple with these fruit pops you can make with the kids! They will love the taste of these fruity treats and they are fun to make too:

Healthy Summer Fruit Drink Recipes and Mocktails

If you are holding a Summer BBQ or Party or just fancy a refreshing drink in the garden then a homemade fruit mocktail could be just the thing you need! Make the most of in-season fruit and keep it healthy and natural with these great recipes:

Stay Hydrated with Fruit Infused Water

💦STAY HYDRATED💦 We have some great ideas for you today to make your own fruit infused water! If you aren’t too keen on plain old water then add some fruit for some tasty combos- plus it’s healthy too! Here are some of our favourite recipes and top tips to get you started—- let us know

Fitness Pilates Standing Back Mobility Workout For Back Pain 13 minute Workout

Join in my Fitness Pilates Standing Back Mobility Workout For Back Pain This workout is just 13 minutes 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel  

Fitness Pilates Destress 22 Minute Workout

Fitness Pilates Destress 22 Minute Workout For All Abilities Lunch Break Relaxation Check it out here and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel:  


No Equipment needed for these Lower Training Sequences – 13 min Workout Don’t forget to subscribe up to my youtube channel for more workouts daily!