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Quick Summer Fat Burning Tips

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Have the hot sunny days got you reaching for the Ben & Jerrys, Pimms & snacking on Magnums?
Have you skipped your HIIT workout as it’s “TOO HOT……!!”

If so don’t despair, get straight back on the clean eating wagon!
Here is a quick 10minute HIIT Workout to get your sweating all of those toxins
right out:


Quick Tips For Summer Fatburning.

1: Workout early. Just bite the bullet.
Get up & do it.
Then it’s over.
You did it & whatever the day throws at & however hot it get’s your sorted.


2: Drink 1 pint of ice cold bottled water right after your workout.

Keep sipping through the day.


3:Take a COLD shower.
Blast the water on the back of your neck for a good 2 minutes.
Cold exposure is great for breaking down brown fat.


4:Cut down your portion sizes
& eat SLOWLY.


5: Do an intermittent fast from when you ate last night.

Leave 16 – 18 hours before meal 1 giving your digestive system a complete


So, If you ate at 8pm last night you will break
your fast at 12 midday. Break your fast with a protein rich meal & load up on your veggies.

Today’s Affirmation.

Feeling happy & achieving your goals
is a total inside job & starts with changing
your thinking.

Use a daily affirmation. Plug it into your phone
write it on a post it – stick it on your dashboard.

When embarking on a lifestyle change.
You need to change your thinking…..first.

“The body will go where the mind flows”

Look into the mirror everyday & remind
yourself what you want from your life.
say it out loud, like you mean it & want it
send it out into the universe & make
a bold statement.

“Today I choose to exercise & eat only healthy nutritious food”

It’s that simple.

Make a statement & live by it today.

I ALWAYS LOVE to hear from you!

Love Always Rachel xx



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