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Kick Start Newsletter Help To Get Back On It.

I’ve added a new video on BOX BREATHING  that can have a major impact on your stress levels. And, if you find yourself struggling with anxiety or stress related, mindless eating this can be a game changer…… and it’s so simple.

If you are eating healthy 70/80% of the time and allowing yourself some healthy “wiggle room” over the bank holiday but you are still not hitting your weight loss target, it may be worth considering if you are mindlessly eating or nighttime nibbling in the evening, just as a habit.

Mindless eating can easily take you way over your daily calories and could be the reason you are not getting the results you would like.

Try Box Breathing to bring your mind back into a deliberate way of thinking and take control of your thoughts and mindset.

We have been using this technique all week in the Kick Start Group and if you need a programme, plan and daily coaching with me we are all doing a 14 day Sprinter programme. It has a daily nutritional guide plus home workouts.

Its only £27 for the month and you can start as soon as you are today o tomorrow if that suits you. CLICK HERE to join.

Have a great Monday 

Love Rachel x

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