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Black Friday Annual Members OFFER – only £4.80 per week

Every November/Black Friday I offer my Rachel Holmes Studio Live as a complete all inclusive annual membership for just £250 for the year THATS only £4.80 a WEEK You get: Live classes with me 7 days a weekend all available on replay in the members area – HIIT, Body Con, Aerobics, Step, Stretch 3 x

Shoulder Exercises To Do In Menopause

Shoulder Exercises To Do In Menopause   Are you struggling with an exercise programme to do in the gym? If you are in the Menopause and want to start strength training here are key exercises to do for your shoulders. To effectively train the front, middle and read head of the shoulders there are 3

Instagram Training For Fitness Professionals – How To Build Your Business, Get Leads And Customers From IG

Instagram Training For Fitness Professionals – How To Build Your Business, Get Leads And Customers From IG Join me Wednesday 15th  May  1 – 230pm  for the 2nd Mastermind Series for Fitness and Movement Instructors. The COMPLETE Guide To Instagram for Fitpros. Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform join my mastermind where I share all

Should women lift weights?

Weight-lifting brings fantastic results and is hugely satisfying. It’s now becoming increasingly popular amongst women, but many still worry they will resemble body-builders! Gradually, times are changing and more women are trying resistance training with weights and never looking back! Our Lift Lean programme has been fantastic – seeing brilliant results and encouraging women to

Squat Variations and Mini Ball Fitness Pilates Exercises with Rachel Holmes

Watch these videos for great ideas for your home workout! Share your thoughts @KSFLUK @rachellholmes  SUBSCRIBE to Rachel Holmes youtube channel for more  

WOD Abs with the Mini Ball

?Check out @rachellholmes favourite abs exercises WOD with the mini ball! –   Include this exercise as part of your daily HIIT routine for best results! For more workouts subscribe to Rachel’s Youtube channel HERE

KSFL Launch Kings Lynn with Jane Cole

Last night saw the launch of KSFL Kings Lynn at The Fitness Studios. When Jane and I launched in Kings Lynn we were entering into a saturated market and bearing in mind one of the biggest employees in the area is British sugar, the message was hard to get through! The first launch with Jane,

Do You Want To Lose Belly Fat?

How Do You Get The Belly Fat Down? The best way to shaping up the midsection is through your nutrition first, then training effectively second. Are you? 1:Eating as clean as you can? 2: Training as hard as you can? This can mean only 10minutes a day as long as it is INTENSE. An old