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Do You Want To Lose Belly Fat?

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How Do You Get The Belly Fat Down?

The best way to shaping up the midsection is
through your nutrition first, then training effectively

Are you?

1:Eating as clean as you can?

2: Training as hard as you can?

This can mean
only 10minutes a day as long as it is INTENSE.

An old saying is

“You can’t out train a bad diet”

Is so TRUE

To see great results on your midsection:

Get serious & follow a  Kick Start Detox plan
+ Train Effectively

and I PROMISE You will get some insane results.

What if I am injured?

I get a LOT Of emails like this every
single day

There is nothing more frustrating then

to workout
hard & effectively
but not being able due to an injury
or illness.
But, you must listen to your body &
let your body heal
& rest if injured.

If you are building your fitness back up
take things slowly, try a Fitness Pilates HIIT Workout,
Power Walking, Swimming, or a Lower intensity HIIT
workout and do 10minutes everyday gradually building
up over a week.
If you are injured & can’t train then really focus
on your nutrition.

Get it spot on & you will STILL see great results.

Work on your mindset, motivation & positive mental attitude


Great nutrition will help you recover & heal so much faster.

So, get your mind focussed & follow one of the
Kick Start Detox plans.

Losing body fat from a specific area is NOTgoing to happen
by just exercising that area.

For example doing loads of sit ups will have no change on
your belly fat.


Clean Nutrition + 10minute Full Body HIIT will have a REMARKABLE
effect on that area.

YOU CAN DO THIS – Make the change.

Get motivated & Get serious!

Let’s do this!

Have a wonderful Tuesday

Love Rachel

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