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Keep Breakfast Simple with Breakfast Bars

Do you struggle for time in the morning? End up with an unhealthy breakfast? Try making a batch of these for the week:   ✅For more recipes and an exclusive 15% discount off our online programmes- sign up to the newsletter: Kick Start Newsletter Sign Up

Morning BOOST Recipes from Kick Start

Do you need a real BOOST in the morning? These recipes include super foods and are packed with protein to provide long lasting energy. Try out these great recipes from Kick Start:   ✅For more recipes and an exclusive 15% discount off our online programmes- sign up to the newsletter: Kick Start Newsletter Sign Up

3 Reasons You Should be Eating A Protein Rich Breakfast

👉👉+++3 Reasons You Should be Eating A Protein Rich Breakfast!!+++   1. Avoid the sugar crash   Eating a high-sugar, high-carbohydrate breakfast foods, like cereal and toast, can spike your blood sugar, in turn, causing a blood sugar crash. Lower carb, higher protein breakfasts will keep your blood sugar level steady, reducing the chance of

Cereal Swaps and Why is Cereal So Bad for Breakfast

Many people think that eating breakfast cereal is healthy. It says so on the box right? Well, that’s not exactly true…it’s more clever marketing than anything.   Check out all the reasons below that I don’t eat cereal for breakfast!     Why processed breakfast cereal is NOT healthy:   • It can be loaded

Healthy Breakfast Ideas that Keep You Full Until Lunch

Do you start to get a little peckish mid morning? You may not be having the right breakfast! Try these Kick Start Recipes:

Get your breakfast in check

I am sure you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day…. It starts you as you mean to go on of the day.  If you start positive it will end positive and that is why we suggest you pack your breakfast full of good fats and protein to keep you full

Plant Based Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day setting the tone for the rest of the day! Breakfast must haves: HEALTHY, ENERGY BOOSTING AND SATISFYING! If you start healthy you are more likely to end healthy so a nutritional breakfast is the best way to start. Skipping breakfast can leave you with

No Egg and Veggie Breakfast Ideas And Auto Immune Disease Explained

I’m asked EVERYDAY about “No Egg Breakfasts” I know you get a bit **egged out** so watch my Rachel Holmes Lifestyle Show with lots of fun brekkie ideas that are also veggie friendly 🙂 CLICK HERE TO View and subscribe to my channel I’ve been researching a TON about autoimmune diseases so look out this

Repeat After Me “I Can Do This” Your Weekend Sorted

Today I am arming you with everything you need to get through the weekend from start to finish KSFL style! Saturday Morning 10 minute HIIT 20 secs on 10 secs off   Breakfast smoothie/juice Lunch chicken and avocado pasta Dinner cajun turkey salad Tip of the day: Try and get outdoors today whether it be

Fast Energising Breakfast

How are you getting on with your breakfast? I know that can be a difficult one when you first start out on the Kick Start lifestyle. ***Which is way I keep sending you ideas like this energising breakfast 🙂 Get your first meal of the day RIGHT and then however the day pans out, you