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Slide Kick Start Fat Loss Online Weight Loss Programmes 7 DAY JUICE DETOX

Juice, Salad and Soup Detox Plan now available for only £10.00

Try it for 3 / 5 or 7 days and see the difference

Juicing has made a huge impact on my daily diet and I love to share how life changing Juicing can be…….YOU can NEVER eat enough veggies, and Juicing  is the easiest and quickest way to get those healthy, healing greens and phytonutrients in.

I ALWAYS start my day with spinach and ginger whizzed up, and whenever possible have a juice 10 minutes before I eat a meal.


Rachel Holmes

The 7 Day Kick Start Juice, Salad & Soup Plan is PERFECT to improve your digestion, get rid of your bloating, lose inches, improve your skin, and give you a TON more energy.

Every day you get Juice, Salad & Soup recipes and a 10 minute workout to do at home.

Even if you are going out at the weekend you can follow the plan for 3 or 5 days and then come back to it when you are ready as you have access to the whole plan for EVER.

Juice Detox Plan Includes:

Meal plans

Bonus salad recipes

Daily recipes

Bonus juice recipes

7 Day tracker

Bonus soup recipes

Veggie and Pesceterian options

Home workouts