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You have been saved! Easy and Healthy 5 Ingredient Recipes

5 ingredient recipes are such a life saver during busy weekdays and here are some healthy versions that you can whip up in no time for a healthy meal! Sign up to the Kick Start newsletter here

One Pot Wonder Recipes For Easy Weekday Meals

ONE POT WONDERS- my favourite sort of meal… less washing up… easy to make… healthier…cheaper… whats not to like! Here are some great one-pot meals to make your life easier during weekday meals- plus they are so tasty you will be hooked:  

Start Your Day With A Detox Blend

This is the PERFECT way to start your day and all you have to do is throw in the ingredients and whizz it up. This one comes with a warning- watch the amount of beetroot and broccoli you put in as both of them have very strong detoxifying effects on the body – so for

Are you missing your bread on Kick Start?

I know I do especially when I smell freshly baked bread, there is something about a lush sandwich packed with chicken & salad….so Why don’t you make your own bread? It really is much easier than you think and if you have got the kids off school this week why don’t you all get involved.

Kick Start Cold Soup Recipe With The Juicy Retreats Nutri Blender Pro

This week we tried the new Juicy Retreats Nutri Blender Pro JR X-1000, available here , to make our Kick Start Cold Soup recipe. Watch the recipe video here: A little about the Nutri Blender Pro: “Unlike most other personal Nutri Blenders, the JR Ultra X-1000 actually allows you to choose between 2 set speeds, high and low,

Why are courgettes so good for you?

At this time of year the shelves are stocked with courgettes and they make a great summery addition to any dish. We like to use courgettes as faux pasta/noodles and toppings for salads… but the question we often get asked is WHY are they so good?   Courgettes have a very high water content just like

Valentines Day Dinner SORTED

You may be stressing about what to cook for your special Valentines Day dinner…so we are taking the worry away… with our collection of NEW recipes! ENJOY! Lots more recipes available in our collection of KSFL cook books. HAVE A FANTASTIC VALENTINES!

KSFL Quinoa Porridge

If you are doing your food prep for tomorrow and you are ready for something a little more “hearty” sample our Quinoa Porridge. This idea is taken from our “NO EGGS Breakfast” ideas if you are following Elimination or Continuation plans Join me at 730 tomorrow on PERISCOPE for 3 WORKOUTS Lets GO!