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Tis the season… to sandwich scrape!

The next few weekends, potentially can play havoc with your KSFL eating plans. How many times do you eat & workout brilliantly Monday through Friday then the weekend hits & you kind of crash and burn? Especially coming up to CHRISTMAS……..eeekk I know it can bring on anxiety for some people. And of course, 2 days of eating whatever is around

How Britain Eats Survey

A recent survey via TNS OnLineBus has come up with some really interesting statistics that I thought I would share with you to see if you can recognise yourself within them:   47% of women and 21% of men have been on a weight-loss diet at some stage in their lives. 19% of women are currently

Are the recipes you are using REALLY clean?!

There are SO MANY recipes online claiming they are ‘clean’ and yet they have some sneaky ingredients which mean they actually aren’t!! Do YOU know if you are using clean recipes? These are the ingredients that I often find in these recipes and they are NOT CLEAN Maple syrup Honey Agave nectar These ingredients are

KSFL Clean Brownies

KSFL CLEAN BROWNIES ARE YUMMY! These take about ten minutes to make and they are really easy! Here is the recipe, you HAVE to try it and let us know what you think! Ingredients 2 cups chopped dates 1 cup pecans/ almonds 2-3 tbsp raw cacao powder Blend together and freeze for 1 hour! You