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How Britain Eats Survey

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A recent survey via TNS OnLineBus has come up with some really interesting statistics that I thought I would share with you to see if you can recognise yourself within them:


47% of women and 21% of men have been on a weight-loss diet at some stage in their lives. 19% of women are currently on a diet and 8% of men, with 12% of dieters on intermittent- fasting programmes. I think it is so important for people to choose a plan for life like Kick Start rather than yoyo dieting as it is bad for your health.


17% of us claim to have a food allergy or intolerance, but only 51% of those who claim this have been clinically diagnosed. Blood tests need to be done by qualified doctors to ensure a correct diagnosis. Clean eating encourages you to remove known inflammatory foods which can diminish aches and pains and ease little niggles.


88% of us snack between meals. There is no need to snack in between meals if you are eating the right fats, on a clean eating diet you are more likely to feel fuller for longer.


58% of use take 3o minutes or less to prepare our weekday meals. Most of our recipes take less than 30 minutes to prepare. Preparation is essential to stay on track.


83% of us cook from scratch at least once a week but ONLY 30% do so every day! It is more about convenience in the busy lifestyles of today and I think the key is keeping things simple and cooking from scratch so that it only takes the same amount of time as a microwave meal.


6 in 10 of us use independent shops such as bakers and butchers- but location, price and inconvenience deter us from using them more. I totally understand this one… a busy lifestyle means that it is hard to travel out to an independent shop but it really is worth investing in produce from local butchers and organic shops.


These statements show some really interesting trends on how people are eating and if you recognise yourself here for the wrong reasons then make that change today.

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