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The next few weekends, potentially can play havoc with your KSFL eating plans.

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How many times do you eat & workout brilliantly
Monday through Friday then the weekend hits & you kind of crash and burn?
Especially coming up to CHRISTMAS……..eeekk
I know it can bring on anxiety for some people.

And of course,
2 days of eating whatever is around can easily set you straight back to where you started from.

Which…….frankly is a pain.

But with a bit of careful planning you can hold it together no problem & still have an awesome weekend.
Here are my 3 TOP Weekend Damage Limitation Tips.

1: Workout.
Do a HIIT first thing.
Then whatever the
weekend throws your way you have a workout in the bag.
2: Are you going out?
Remember ALL booze is sugar
& will stop your body burning fat so DRIVE
or drink…..

a: Triple distilled Vodka or Gin – Could you drink it with
soda and a slice of lemon?
The mixers are always high in sugar
so go easy.

3: Be BUFFET Aware
Buffets can be a fatburning NIGHTMARE.
Constant picking & not realising
how much you have eaten.

PLUS Buffets are usually made up of high
sugar/carby/beige dead food therefore……

a: Eat before you go out.
b: Stick to salad, meats & veggies
c: Wade in quick and pinch the chicken or meat options!
d: Do the “sandwich scrape” open the bread & scrape
out the meat and salad, leaving the bread & marg

If you do fall spectacularly of the wagon then tomorrow is another day.

Accept it. Enjoy it. Own It.

Learn from it – what was the trigger?

Move on without beating yourself up.
It’s all cool.
You know I love affirmations & setting a positive tone for the day.
Write this mantra on your phone screen saver and keep it in mind throughout today. It’s from the book A Year Of Miracles by Marianne Williamson
“I will walk my own path today”
Stay strong and committed to you
health, body, mind & wellbeing. Be kind to yourself
& look after yourself this weekend. Don’t let saboteurs spoil your amazing efforts.

Have a fantastic time.
Love Rachel xxx

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