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Are you working out but not getting the results you want?

What you eat is the crucial KEY to fat loss and exercise is just a small part of it… I see myself and the Kick Start Franchisees more as Lifestyle Manager’s. Anyone can give you a diet sheet and a set of exercises to follow and yes, you may follow it EXACTLY and not deviate,

How can I make healthy choices when eating out?

It is the wellness stars question of the week! This week’s question is “How can I make healthy choices when eating out? “   Sindy Matthews KSFL Banbury Look at the menu online before going to eat. Plan what to have. Call if need be and ask what alternatives they can provide. If they want your

Kick Start Nutty Banana Smoothie

  Try our NEW Sweet Treats Recipe… KICK START NUTTY BANANA SMOOTHIE!   Ingredients: -1 banana -Almond Milk -1tbsp nut butter and BLEND!    

The Wellness Stars Top Tips for Clean Eating Kids

Once a week we ask the Wellness Stars, our KSFL Franchisees, to share their wealth of knowledge in nutrition and health. Each week has a different question…   This weeks question: What are your top tips for clean eating kids?   Here is what the KSFL Franchisees said:   Andrea Riddoch KSFL Leeds Be the example- they follow.

Recipes for the whole family KSFL style

We know how hard it can be getting the whole family into GOOD FOOD! We think it is all about making it exciting and tasty to suit everyone’s taste buds. Here are a selection of our healthy family favourite recipes that are sure to please the crowd:   Chicken nuggets Apple and blackberry crumble Ice

Simple home made baby food

Do you ever look at what ingredients are in your baby food and think … hmm I wonder if I could make that but BETTER? Well you can… see these simple recipes below and try it for yourself! It is far better to make your baby food from scratch so you know exactly what they

Where can I eat out on KSFL?

It can be hard to eat out with friends/ family when embarking on your KSFL lifestyle. Most restaurants don’t tell you exactly what is in their ingredients so you don’t know what you are eating! I have done a little research on a few restaurants so when you go out you know what you can eat.

What can I make with my bone broth? Kick Start Fat Loss recipe blog

We have been making bone broth in the KSFL kitchen and thought we would share with you some recipes for those of you discovering your bone broth wings too! What is bone broth? Bone Broth is usually made with bones which can be picked up free from your butchers. The bones are typically roasted first

Kick Start Fat Loss Detox recipe ideas

My KSFL group have been cooking up an absolute STORM this week and it is great having such fantastic cooking inspiration all of the time… so here are a few of the favourites you can enjoy on your KSFL programme… after all a DETOX shouldn’t mean DULL FOOD… simply adjust these recipes to whichever plan you

Week 2 January 2016 Kick Start Fat Loss launches

Monday 11th- Helen Hereford Helen really kicked off the week with a bang! The clean buffet was amazing, she had 2 inspirational talks from Louise and Jeanette and everybody had a brilliant time. See the video of the night here: See Louise’s talk:   Tuesday 12th- Paris Ashford Paris had a fantastic buffet, spiralizer demo and talk see