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Once a week we ask the Wellness Stars, our KSFL Franchisees, to share their wealth of knowledge in nutrition and health. Each week has a different question…


This weeks question:

What are your top tips for clean eating kids?


Here is what the KSFL Franchisees said:


Andrea Riddoch KSFL Leeds

Be the example- they follow. Get them into cooking and baking from an early age so they can experience homemade treats! My favourite-  make your own fruit winders using a dehydrator or very low oven!

Here is my recipe:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 09.53.24

Kat KSFL Wiltshire

My son (nearly 15), helps out, and is now used to the sweet treats. He came in from school yesterday and asked me “Mum, what clean treats have you made today?”

Oooh, don’t forget Cauliflower Rice!! The Cauliflower is quite clearly the vegetable sent from the gods! – This is cooked by my son as a snack now – Easy for parents and older kids to cook for themselves. and for a sweet rice pudding alternative, stir in a spoonful of dried coconut!

Here is my recipe:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.08.20

Heather Pring KSFL West Somerset

In our family we decide some meals for the week and everyone has to pick a vegetable for the week that they would like used (I have 5 children!).

One of my children loves to take a juice or smoothie for break time , I always hide spinach in there ! We are currently working our way through the KSFL Kids Juice Book .

Another favourite is coconut balls and raw chocolate bars for the packed lunches.We have a mix of food in our house but when there is a debate in our house on what’s best , there often is ! As there is a huge range of ages and personalities we now settle it with the sugar app ! Martha now has given up on the idea of how amazing crunchy nut is ! This is a huge relief and stopped me looking like the too healthy Mum !

raw cacao bars

Michelle Jermy KSFL Thetford

My top tip would be, choose popular meals & then show your children a clean version. Don’t be afraid to educate them. They face a world of advertisement, start young in teaching them the skills to question what goes into the food, how it is produced & who says the food is good. This way we educate the next generation into eating healthy clean fresh foods.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 09.43.44

Danni Evans KSFL Ellesmere

Get the kids involved in the prepping and cooking of the meal. Our family favourite is a mexican with guacamole, salsa, refried beans, chicken in mexican spices and the kids have the mini wholemeal wraps and we have lettuce wraps. All freshly made, kids help chop & stir. There are no packet sauces just lots of fresh herbs and spices and the kids eat the lot. Left overs can be used for packed lunch the next day – though there is rarely ever any leftovers!

breakfast wrap

Julie Rowson Knowles KSFL Hereford

I totally agree, get children involved, not only does it teach them about clean, healthy options so much gets talked about when you are actively doing it together ‘quality time’!

Paula Thompson KSFL Stockport

My son (7) enjoys baking so we are trying recipes from the Sweet Treats Recipe Book. His favourite is the Coconut and Blueberry snack bars. We are spending time together and he is enjoying it and also has a better understanding re clean eating and sugar in food etc. He also (as part of his homework at school) took the snack bars to school.


Natalie Hill KSFL Gibraltar

I involve them as much as I can when I cook I always have the KSFL recipe books open on the worktop and they ask so many questions so it’s great that the interest is there so we can take advantage and push the good habits as much as we can. My girls are 4 and 6 and they are now FINALLY after a lot of work on my part, understanding that not having anything naughty in house is now the NORM, healthy snacks for school too. Involvement, education and persistence – creating foundations and habits to take with them into adulthood.


Thank you to all our Wellness Stars!

I hope you found this information helpful.


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