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Where can I eat out on KSFL?

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It can be hard to eat out with friends/ family when embarking on your KSFL lifestyle. Most restaurants don’t tell you exactly what is in their ingredients so you don’t know what you are eating!

I have done a little research on a few restaurants so when you go out you know what you can eat. I still suggest you don’t eat out often as it is always better making your food from scratch, but hopefully this will save you in those social situations!

Make sure in each dish you ask for no sauce, if there are potatoes swap them for sweet potatoes or salad, no dressing. It might also be worth asking what they are cooking in and seeing if they can cook it in extra virgin olive oil/coconut oil.

WATCH OUT for added sugars and sneaky ingredients.


There is lots of choice you would be surprised…

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 08.28.19
Image from Pret


Frankie and Bennys
Ask for the Gluten free menu

Warm chicken and gem lettuce wraps (starter)

Blackened salmon Nizza salad

Steak and salad

Rosemary lamb shank (ask for sweet potatoes/ salad instead of potatoes)

Oven baked salmon



Chicken: 1/4 chicken leg, 1/2 or 1/4 chicken breast, 5 chicken wings, 4 chicken drumsticks, whole chicken or chicken butterfly.

Steak without the wrap

Quinoa salad

Mediterranean salad

Mixed leaf salad

Sides: 1/2 avocado, mixed leaf salad, don’t go for corn on the cob or chargrilled veg too much sugar!


Pizza Express

Ask for the gluten free menu

Broccolini minus the cheese (side)

Nicoise salad without bread sticks

Melanzane al forgo (italian aubergine) minus cheese

Pianta no cheese pizza

Superfood salad

Pollo salad minus bread sticks



Skinny half rotisserie chicken minus honey glaze

Salsa chicken and pepper stack minus fries and sour cream dip

Simple grilled chicken with salad instead of mash

Gammon steak and salad

Steaks with salad

Salmon fillet no glaze and salad

Sides: Buttered green beans, Sweet potato fries, Salad- stay away from sauces



Salmon salad

Gammon eggs and salad

Salmon fillet with salad

Skinny rump/Sirloin steak

Tandoori chicken skewers with salad

Side veg

Carrot and coriander soup

Tomato and basil soup


Cafe Rouge


Prawns without the baguette


Tomato and harissa soup minus the bread

Steaks with house salad and no sauce

Lamb shank with salad

Duck leg swap chips for salad

Demi poulet half chicken

Steamed sea bass

Chicken salad

Tuna salad

Sides: French beans, Spinach, Green salad, Tomato and red onion salad, House salad, Leeks,


Beets squash and feta superbowl- no sauce

Italian chicken salad no sauce or cheese

Chicken and avocado Super Bowl minus sauce

Crayfish and avocado no bread/dressing

Egg and avocado protein pot

Egg and spinach protein pot

Salmon and baby kale Super Bowl no dressing

Smoked salmon and egg protein pot

Tuna nicoise salad no dressing

Beef bone broth from grass fed meat

No cream, cream of chicken soup

Lemon chicken soup

Pea and mint soup

Super tomato

Tuscan bean soup

Have this with a black organic filter coffee!


As far as drinks go, you are best to stick to water with a slice of lemon or an organic black coffee.


Some KSFL club leaders around the UK have had a restaurant set up to serve KSFL food so it is worth asking to see if there is one near you!

Find your local KSFL club leader here


I hope you have found this helpful!

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