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Where can I eat healthy food out- part two

Following my previous blog on places to eat out I had an influx of questions on other places to visit, so I thought I would make an extended list! Please note menus are updated quite a lot but these were updated on 01/03/2016. As a rule of thumb ask for a gluten free menu (if they have

Where can I eat out on KSFL?

It can be hard to eat out with friends/ family when embarking on your KSFL lifestyle. Most restaurants don’t tell you exactly what is in their ingredients so you don’t know what you are eating! I have done a little research on a few restaurants so when you go out you know what you can eat.

Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) menu launches at the Pheasant pub in County Louth Ireland.

  You are trying to lose weight but your friends have invited you to the pub – queue panic mode! Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) have teamed up with the Pheasant Pub in County Louth Ireland where customers can now enjoy healthy delicious dishes and still shed the pounds. We spoke to Tanya O’connor, Head