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Where can I eat healthy food out- part two

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Following my previous blog on places to eat out I had an influx of questions on other places to visit, so I thought I would make an extended list!

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Please note menus are updated quite a lot but these were updated on 01/03/2016.

As a rule of thumb ask for a gluten free menu (if they have one), ask for no sauces and you are best to stick to salad on the side!

It is good to ask for the raw basics of the dish ensuring they don’t add any extra sugars, and if you are really sticking to your plan then ask what it is cooked in- can they cook in coconut oil/ extra virgin olive oil?



Ask for the gluten free menu

Sea Bass – swap the mash for sweet potato mash or vegetables

Chargrilled chicken breast

Mixed Salad

Chicken and avocado Salad- minus the honey dressing

Steak and rocket- minus the cheese and balsamic vinegar

Salmon salad- minus the dressing and potatoes



Ask for the gluten free menu

Baked salmon- minus tortilla chips

Grilled chicken and chorizo- minus the tortilla chips (only as a treat)

Mango cod- minus tortilla chips

Sea bass- minus tortilla chips

Chicken, bacon and avocado salad

Chicken Fajita- minus the wraps- swap with salad


Jamie Oliver’s Italian

Chicken Cacciatore- minus the parmesan, sauce and ciabatta

Porchetta- minus the sauce

Lamb chops

Harissa spiced aubergine

Steaks- ask for salad instead of chips

Super food salad – minus the cheese


All Bar One

Peri Peri grilled chicken breast- minus the coleslaw- ask for house salad

Steak- ask to be served with vegetables/ salad instead of the chips and sauces

Superfood salad- minus couscous and dressing


ASK Italian

Sea bass al forno- minus the sauce and potatoes

Insalata ottima- minus dressing

Insalata caprina- minus the dressing, bread and caramelised onions

Bella Italia

Ask for the gluten free menu.

Pollo Cacciatore with vegetables

Filetto de spigalo- minus the potatoes and sauce

Butterflied chicken breast- with salad

8oz sirloin steak/rump steak/ fillet steak with salad

Salmone salad

Superfood salad- minus cheese and dressing



Ask for the gluten free menu

Cauliflower soup- minus bread

Avocado and bacon spinach salad- minus dressing and cheese

Crunchy kale leaf salad- minus dressing

Sea bass fillet- with salad

Steaks- with salad


George’s fish and chip kitchen

Winter soup- minus the sides

Wild ocean cod- with salad only

Fine Scottish haddock with- with salad only

Steak- with salad only

Surf and turf- with salad only

King prawn and bacon skewers- with salad only

Sea bass with chickpea stew- minus chorizo


Le Bistrot Pierre

Ask for the gluten free menu

Saumon Sauce verge with vegetables- minus the sauce

Super Salade- minus the sauce and cheese

Poulet aux Truffes with vegetables- minus the sauce

Bouillabaisse maison- minus cheese

Salade d’hiver- minus dressing

Steaks- with salad/ veg only

Poulet Fermier de Normandie- with salad/ veg only

Filet de loup de mer- with salad/ veg only



Ask for the following dishes with a plain side salad- no nan or rice.

Also ask for COCONUT milk to be used and no added sugars etc- Just purely the listed ingredients and spices.

Lasooni murgh tikka

Chicken karahi

Meen moilee fish curry

Balchao prawn curry

Garlic chilli chicken

Lamb tikka- with salad

Masala chickpeas

Baigan masala

Railway lamb madras

Palak gosht

Lamb mirch masala

Keemer mutter

Tandoori chicken

Tandoori salmon

Malai lamb chops

Chicken & lamb shashlik

Luscious lamb sala

Chicken chaat salad


TGI Fridays

7oz fillet, 8oz sirloin, 12oz ribeye- with salad only

Caesar salad with chicken/ salmon- minus croutons, cheese and dressing.

BBQ Chicken breast/ BBQ salmon- without the sauce or mash


I hope you have found this helpful for when you next eat out with family/ friends!


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