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Kelly’s Chickpea Brownies Recipe

Our delicious recipe of the day is from Kelly Ravenscroft Kick Start Sutton Coldfield today. You have to try these they are so tasty and healthier too: Ingredients: • 1 Can Chickpeas • 30g melted butter • 100ml honey • 2 eggs • 1/2 tsp baking powder • 100g cacao How to: Pop all the

Going Gluten-Free Is It Just A Fad?

Eliminating Gluten, which includes wheat & anything derived from wheat will be one of THE most life changing things you remove from your diet. Gluten-free may just sound like the latest fad/ trend but there are major health benefits to cutting it out. Gluten causes severe inflammation within the body. If you suffer from joint

Are you missing your bread on Kick Start?

I know I do especially when I smell freshly baked bread, there is something about a lush sandwich packed with chicken & salad….so Why don’t you make your own bread? It really is much easier than you think and if you have got the kids off school this week why don’t you all get involved.

5 reasons people lose weight when going gluten-free

Gluten- free is it just a fad or a GREAT idea?? People with Celiac Disease have no choice but to ditch the Gluten but others choose this route to lose weight/improve health. You may be sensitive to gluten without having celiac disease, and it could greatly benefit you by cutting it out. Gluten and Celiac Disease: Celiac

Are you looking for an organic, dairy free and gluten free chocolate?

This week we are reviewing raw, organic chocolate from Conscious Chocolate! I have not eaten chocolate in a LONG time, I don’t usually like to indulge, but when these came through my door and I read the ingredients list… I had to try them! These chocolates are amazing-  DAIRY FREE GLUTEN FREE VEGAN RAW ORGANIC HANDMADE

Where can I eat healthy food out- part two

Following my previous blog on places to eat out I had an influx of questions on other places to visit, so I thought I would make an extended list! Please note menus are updated quite a lot but these were updated on 01/03/2016. As a rule of thumb ask for a gluten free menu (if they have