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Are you looking for an organic, dairy free and gluten free chocolate?

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This week we are reviewing raw, organic chocolate from Conscious Chocolate!

I have not eaten chocolate in a LONG time, I don’t usually like to indulge, but when these came through my door and I read the ingredients list… I had to try them!

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These chocolates are amazing- 







What is there NOT to like?!

The ingredients list is brilliant, using pure organic products with no hidden naughties we definitely recommend it as a little treat on the clean eating KSFL lifestyle!

There are so many flavours available including:

Goji and coconut

Mint hint

Dark side

The nutty one

Wild at heart….

PLUS many more!

The Lions Raw Bar

We received the “Lions Raw” in which 10% of the sale price goes to the global white lion protection trust.

These choco bars aren’t a bad price either at around £3.00 for a 50g bar!

This one is made up of cacao solids and essential oils; lemon, lime and grapefruit, sweetened with rice syrup. The lemon really comes through and leaves a lovely after taste. To be honest… I am addicted!

The trial

We tested these choccies on the KSFL group in Norwich to see what they thought… some of the feedback:

“It’s so smooth”

“It is delicious, hard to believe there is no dairy in this”

Overall, everyone enjoyed them!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.00.40

If you are on the KSFL diet then I still suggest you don’t smother yourself in 100 chocolate bars, but have one as a treat when you are really craving chocolate as they are the best quality you could eat!

Thanks Conscious Chocolate!

Visit their site HERE

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