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Going Gluten-Free Is It Just A Fad?

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Eliminating Gluten, which includes wheat & anything derived from wheat will be one of THE most life changing things you remove from your diet.

Gluten-free may just sound like the latest fad/ trend but there are major health benefits to cutting it out.

Gluten causes severe inflammation within the body.

If you suffer from joint pain, arthritis, ibs, constantly feeling bloated which is the gut being inflammed, skin issues like adult acne, eczema, asthma, migraines, headaches, celiac disease,


Do you experience brain fog, lack of concentration, unable to focus, forgetfulness?


Gluten not only affects your body but your brain. In a HUGE way.


Gluten is also a nightmare for food cravings.

The more you eat, the more your brain tells you, you have to eat  more.


It’s very similar to addictive  drugs in the way it affects the brain.


Eating gluten affects receptors in the brain to make you experience powerful cravings that will power alone cannot stop you from eating more & more.


Cut it Out

When you cut Gluten out the relief your body feels happens pretty quickly.

Yes, you go cold turkey for 3 days or so but then

watch your health niggles start to clear up, feel the fog lift from your brain and your start to think with so much more clarity.

The bloating around your mid section stops &  your stomach feels flatter.

You will have so much more energy and feel much more vibrant without gluten in your diet.


If you really want optimum health, energy and of course LOOK your best. Give it up.



Yes, they have no gluten but they are LOADED with all kinds of sugars and e numbers.


Hope that helps you understand Gluten a little more – there are many reasons for going gluten-free but overall just listen to your body- how do YOU react to it and do you feel better without it?


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