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Menopause Part 9 Kick Start Newsletter

Hello  Are You Eating Enough Protein In Menopause? As estrogen levels are dropping with the hormonal changes and the metabolic rate is slowing down during the menopause phase, it is helpful to track your macro-nutrients and see if you are eating enough protein. Studies show protein will keep hunger at bay for longer and with

The Benefits To Taking Your Workout Outdoors

The sunny weather is here and days are getting warmer which means the gym isn’t always the nicest place to workout! With a little creativity you can take your workout outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous weather… while it lasts!! Here are 6 benefits to working out outdoors: 1. Exercising outdoors can be more challenging therefore

10 reasons to use resistance bands in your workout

If you’ve never tried resistance bands then you may be surprised how amazing these little rubber bands are!! 10 Benefits of Adding Resistance Bands to Your Workouts: 1. So cheap! Resistance bands are so easy and cheap to buy. 2. Adaptable for Multiple Fitness Levels Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, resistance bands are

Gain Greater Confidence and Hit Your Goals

My Top Tip to gaining greater confidence & hitting your goals faster. 1:  Confidence comes from gaining more knowledge – keep reading, listening to audios, going to courses. 2:  Create a daily/weekly/monthly to do list. Write it in your phone & on paper so you have a daily plan, this will stop you wasting time

The importance of a good night’s sleep when trying to lose weight

How do you sleep?? Along with following the KSFL way of eating combined with HIIT workouts, enough sleep is a big rock ! Being sleep deprived can increase your appetite and encourage you to make worse decisions when it comes to your diet. Here are some of our top tips for better sleep: •Make sure

The KSFL Swap Shop and Tips

We have some great little swaps for you today to help you enjoy the food you love KSFL STYLE! Swap your sugar packed chocolate mousse for our avocado version: blend raw cacao powder, avocado and almond milk for a smooth and creamy treat. Swap your sandwich for avocado or tomato buns! Grate a little raw

Super Boost Nutrition and Mindset

It’s a great idea this week to do a SUPER BOOST to get you feeling fab and all ready for December. We are doing a 7 day SUPER BOOST with my KS 35 group and here are some great tips to get you back on track. Stop Buying RUBBISH (Obvs I know!) 1. Environment is

What is your why? How to stay motivated when you can’t be bothered

What Is Your Why?? Last weekend in Nottingham there was a huge Body Building competition and some of the winners were doing a photo shoot in the gym where I go for Personal Training. I was watching the guys and gals with amazing physiques thinking WOW that takes some serious commitment and dedication. How on

Kick Start Best Practices

Kick Start BEST PRACTISES This week includes 5 simple habits that will impact your health and fitness long term. 1: Shoot for 8 hours of sleep per night. 2: Eat a protein rich lunch style breakfast for the first meal of your day. 3: Eat 3 servings of green veggies per day 4: Do a

Survive The Weekend on KSFL and Healthy Muesli

When you have made a pledge to adopt a healthy lifestyle the weekend can really test you……… How many times do you eat & workout brilliantly Monday through Friday then the weekend hits & you kind of crash and burn? And of course, 2 days of eating whatever is around can easily set you straight