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What Is Your Why??

Kick Start West Wickham
Last weekend in Nottingham there was a huge
Body Building competition
and some of the winners were doing a photo shoot in
the gym where I go for Personal Training.

I was watching the guys and gals with amazing
physiques thinking WOW that takes some serious
commitment and dedication.

How on earth do they stay on track?

AND the big reason is…..

They never lose sight of their GOAL.

Their WHY.

They focus on the moment of stepping on stage
knowing they have given it everything.

You could sit them in front of a table full of
cookies, chocolate
and cakes and they would not budge or deviate.


Because they have made a commitment to
and it is so important to them.

So when you feel like you can’t be bothered to
get up 15 minutes early
to do your HIIT, or take 20 minutes to organise your
food prep, or take a 20minute walk
on your lunch break….

Reconnect with your WHY.

What is the reason your started
this in the first place

Was it?

* To lose body fat and feel HAPPY with yourself?
* Be as healthy as you possibly can be?
* Be a great role model to your family?
* Improve your mental well being / Increase your self esteem and confidence?
* Not be Ill and become bulletproof from health niggles
* Live a HAPPY Life

(YOU insert your WHYS)

If your WHY is super important to you
NOTHING will deter you.

You will move mountains to obtain your goals.

So today DIG DEEP and ask yourself
WHY is the so important to me.

Stay Motivated

Love Rachel xxxxxxx

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