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When you have made a pledge to adopt
a healthy lifestyle the weekend
can really test you………

How many times do you eat
& workout
Monday through Friday
then the weekend hits
& you kind of crash and burn?

And of course,
2 days of eating whatever is around
can easily set you straight back to
where you started from.

Which…….frankly is not the best.

But with a bit of careful planning
you can hold it together
no problem & still have an awesome

**** NOTE***** watch out for the saboteurs
The well meaning friend who says…
“Just one wine won’t make any difference”
“Just have a little slice of cake you have earned it…”

Quick!…… run a mile from them 🙂

Here are my 3 TOP Weekend Damage Limitation Tips.

1: Workout.

Do a HIIT first thing.
Then whatever the
weekend throws your way you have a workout in the bag.

2: Are you going out?

Remember ALL booze is sugar
& will stop your body burning fat so while you are detoxing
be the designated driver.
It really is the kiss of death for fatloss so hold back
on the wine for a few weeks and give your body time
to really detox from sugar.

You will be so pleased you did when you do your
measurements next week.

3: Be BUFFET Aware

Buffets can be a fatburning NIGHTMARE.

Constant picking & not realising
how much you have eaten.

PLUS Buffets are usually made up of high
sugar/carby/beige dead food therefore……

a: Eat before you go out.

b: Stick to salad, meats & veggies

c: Wade in quick and pinch the chicken or meat options!

d: Do the “sandwich scrape” open the bread & scrape
out the meat and salad, leaving the bread & marg
behind 🙂


Its such a biggie.

EVERYONE wants to know.

“Give me some ideas for a healthy breakfast”
“What is THE best breakfast for fatloss?”
“What is the fastest breakfast”
“My children will only eat……..”

Well, as it’s the weekend I fancied some muesli
and I was flicking through my recipe cards and
spied……. THIS GEM


Delicious and inspiring.

WELL DONE If you have made it to the end of the first week
YOU have done so brilliantly!

Stay Strong 🙂


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