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It’s a great idea this week to do a SUPER BOOST to get you feeling fab and all ready for December.

We are doing a 7 day SUPER BOOST with my KS 35
group and here are some great tips to get you
back on track.

Stop Buying RUBBISH (Obvs I know!)

1. Environment is critical to success.
The more free your environment is of toxic, addictive foods, the easier it is for you to avoid them.
So clean out your cupboards.
Get rid of the “treats.” Go on.
Throw them out. Donate them to food bank.
Go out and do this right now , then come back here.
**Stay away from restaurants you know influence you to make unhealthy choices.
***(And, friends who influence you that way, too.)
Now obviously these things cannot be perfect – but you can do a pretty good job if you really try.

2: Make Choices, Not rules

Make your lifestyle a choice
Not punishment.

Cooking and creating lovely healthy food is fabulous!
And once your taste buds have changed and you are
eating more fats you can really enjoy the new flavours and tastes.

Making militant, hard-and-fast rules is the wrong way to stop self-sabotaging.

The more strict your rules are, the more you will feel deprived of all of your favourite treats.

The best thing you can do for your healthy diet
loyalty is to make guidelines, not rules.
Choices, not punishments.

When you eat healthy foods, choose them.
Remind yourself of all the reasons you want to be healthy, and choose health.

3. Develop Commitment To Health

The more committed you are to your health, the easier it will be to eat well.
There is a very clear relationship between diet and the way that you feel on a daily basis:
Your energy, your mood, your vitality… all of these things depend on the quality of the food you eat.
And any symptoms you may suffer, like headaches, chronic pain, lethargy, infertility, or bad skin… will in all likelihood be alleviated the healthier you become.

It may not happen immediately, of course, but with nourishment, some experimentation, and patience, you may see some fabulous improvements to the quality of your life.

And then – you end up choosing healthy food rather than forcing it on yourself, because you know and have experienced first hand just how awesome a healthy diet makes you feel.

If you have tried to eat Kick Start but did not stick to it long enough to see results – or if you have never tried – then now is the time.

Take control of your health.

The more data you can gather about the positive effects you experience due to your healthy diet, the easier and easier it will be to stick to it.

4: Develop A Commitment to Futureproofing.

One of the most powerful motivators
I personally use, is to think ahead.

If I eat this today or do that right now how will I feel tomorrow/next week/next month/what will my energy be like?

Will I be happy tomorrow or shitty, grouchy and unproductive?

Will I be happy tomorrow if I eat this today –

and that is a strong motivator for me.

5: Develop A Backbone About Your Health

If peer pressure is a problem.

Try and make a conscious choice.

Don’t be bullied or pressured into eating or drinking things that take you of track unless you reallywant to.

If you want to say “no,” but are afraid, it is time for you to develop a backbone.

Think deeply about your commitments to yourself and the choices you really want to make.

If the situation calls for it, explain yourself to your friends,
firmly yet gently.
Thank them for their consideration and love but you just have to ‘do you’ right now.

Just remember to focus on yourself and what YOU want.

Your friends will respect you

if you tell them you are making a choice for your own sake.

I know its tough 🙂

6 Practice saying “no”

The more you say “no” to both yourself and your friends, the easier it gets.

You just have to try it out first and see.

If you’re at a work and its CAKE FRIDAY, just say
“I already ate.” or ” I’m eating out later tonight”

If you’re at a buffet and you want to have some
chocolate but know that if you start you won’t be able to stop,

remind yourself how terrible it is to feel the addictive pull of sugar,

and just write it off,

Make the decision before hand

Say“no” before the thought of eating it even crosses your mind.

Practice saying “no” to both yourself and your friends, and I promise that you’ll find it isn’t nearly as hard as it seems, and it gets even easier with time.

7 : Practice Patience and Forgiveness

Perhaps the most important aspect of any person’s diet is forgiveness.
You don’t have to be “perfect.”
You don’t have to be “on point” all the time.

Life is full of ups and downs
To expect perfection is to set yourself up for failure.

The best you can do is your best, and do
so knowing that life will throw your right of track.

Instead of punishing yourself after a “bad” meal, simply say “okay, that happened” and move on, continuing as you normally would.

Don’t beat yourself up in the gym.

Don’t starve yourself.

Instead, use each day as an opportunity to learn something about yourself
Investigate your relationship with food.

Figure out why it is the way it is.
Forgive yourself for that, and for whatever behaviours may result.
Then move forward and smile.
It’s a new day, and you have some great choices to make.

You don’t have to stay knocked off.

Simply get back up and crack on.
Every meal is a new one, and a new opportunity, in which you can choose what you want to eat.

Choosing the healthiest option is
an awesome idea, but perfection isn’t necessary 🙂


Love Rachel xx

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