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Kick Start Club Success

This year has been fantastic for KSFL with 2 new 12 week and 8 week transformation courses launching all over the UK we have been having some of our best results yet.   Take a look at some of this week’s updates from the team:   •Kick Start with Maria in Ushermoor recently launched and

Super Boost Nutrition and Mindset

It’s a great idea this week to do a SUPER BOOST to get you feeling fab and all ready for December. We are doing a 7 day SUPER BOOST with my KS 35 group and here are some great tips to get you back on track. Stop Buying RUBBISH (Obvs I know!) 1. Environment is

Are you working out but not getting the results you want?

What you eat is the crucial KEY to fat loss and exercise is just a small part of it… I see myself and the Kick Start Franchisees more as Lifestyle Manager’s. Anyone can give you a diet sheet and a set of exercises to follow and yes, you may follow it EXACTLY and not deviate,