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Kick Start Women’s Health Newsletter Menopause Part 2

  Kick Start Health Newsletter 2nd October MENOPAUSE Part 2 What an incredible response from last week’s Kick Start Women’s Health newsletter, so, here is part 2 in the Menopause series. Thanks for all the feedback and comments and keep the coming. NEW Podcast the Menopause, HRT, the NICE guidelines and managing the Menopause with

Kick Start Super Members are Ready for the Bank Holiday Weekend

***Here are my wonderful Supers****getting ready for Bank Holiday weekend!!☀️☀️☀️ Then next week they will be ready to start their Kick Start Juice Detox! 🍏🍎🥦🥑   🤩The team are SO excited to get started here are a few of their comments:   “Have a good day/bank holiday weekend peeps. It’s going to be HOT!HOT! HOT!”

Get 6 Kick Start Programmes For The Price of 1

Hello  I started Kick Start back in 2007 as a way to help, coach and motivate Fitness Professionals who were so busy teaching everyone else they were struggling to do their own workouts, nutrition and mindset and wanted to have a “personal, virtual coach/trainer – ME!”  Fast forward 12 years and the programme is evolving

Massive 12lb weight loss in 6 weeks with Prime West Somerset

The Kick Start Prime Health and Wellness results are coming in from our live classes! The programme looks at losing weight, managing stress and balancing hormones …getting your mojo back at a sustainable pace that fits with all the family for long term results. Meet Tash: Doesn’t Tash look great?! Tash has lost 12 lbs

A new programme focusing on not just nutrition and fitness but women’s health; launching in the UK

Press release 7/11/17 A new programme focusing on not just nutrition and fitness but women’s health; launching in the UK   A new exciting programme “Kick Start Prime” is set to launch in the UK for 2018 created by, Fitness Presenter, Rachel Holmes. “This is about more than just fitness; focusing on food for health

Hit Those Summer Goals With Our Online Transformation Group

Do you want to transform your health in time for Summer but don’t have the time for live classes? KICK START ELITE 35   Is my online group providing health, wellness and nutritional guidance in a group of like minded people supporting each other to reach their weight loss goals. IMPROVE SLEEP IMPROVE ENERGY LOSE

Are You Still Struggling With Sugar Cravings and The Importance Of Magnesium.

Happy Monday – are you ready to really address your health this week? The reason you are craving sugary food means there is a nutrient deficiency and often it is Potassium. So where do we find Potassium? Yes, it’s in bananas but to get an amount that will make a difference you would need to

Kick Start Member Of The Week Nominations 5/10/16

  Every week we ask our Kick Start Franchisees to nominate a special member that has been shining in their classes and open the vote to the public to find the winner! The winner then receives a prize and certificate in the post to thank them for all of their hard work!   Here are

Natalie KSFL Heanor

 Heanor 3 Stone + Class ( No Exercise) Starting Thursday 4th August a 4 week transformation with Natalie Clarke. Natalie lost over 1 stone in our January detox and has carried on the lifestyle ever since. She is experienced in the KSFL lifestyle and will get you to where you want to be sharing all her

Terri was surprised how easy it was to change her lifestyle and health for the better through KSFL nutrition losing 13 lbs in 28 days

Terri Johnson joined KSFL Stockport with a lack of confidence and poor health and now just 28 days on is seeing brilliant results… “…in such a short space of time I no longer feel overweight, tired and miserable.” Terri feels so amazing that her plan now is to continue on and make KSFL her LIFESTYLE. Read