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Launching Elevate Autumn 2019 Starting 2nd September

Launching Elevate Autumn 2019 New Programme Starts on 2nd September.   Hi   As you have been on one of my online programmes in the past I’d like to invite you the check out the latest ELEVATE which starts on 2nd September and runs until 29th November.  Elevate 2019 is about getting in the very best shape

Elevate online with Rachel Holmes Final Month Goals

Our Elevate online group with Rachel Holmes are in their final month and now really understanding their body as far as nutrition, health and wellness and what works for them! Elevate was a programme created by Rachel Holmes to provide information, daily coaching, nutritional protocols and guidance on HOW to reach your wellness, weight loss and

Full body resistance and cardio workout

Resistance Bands are AWESOME for Training – They are super portable and easy to use and you get an amazing workout and this is wicked workout with some innovative cool moves plus you get your heart rate UP! HIT SUBSCRIBE Would you like me to film more workouts with resistance bands? Pop me a comment!

Vegan Food For Energy

If you’re living on a vegan diet, it’s important that you are eating the right foods to keep your energy levels up and your wellbeing in tip-top shape. We get asked alot about what foods ” should i be eating” as a Vegan and the answer is as varied as possible so you are still

Get more done everyday and love your body

Hands up if you have just written the longest “To-Do-List”in the universe, as it’s time to  “Get Back On it ”     Have you bounced out of bed & thought “Right….this week I’m going to…. Eat clean, workout, do website, meditation, shopping, clean house, bills, insurance,choreography, music…….. blah blah blah & on & on

Are Your Hormones Making You A Non Responder?

Take it One Step at A Time Especially When It Comes To Hormones Sometimes overhauling your nutrition, fitness and health can be a little bit overwhelming. I bet you can “stick” to a plan for a certain amount of time, cutting things out, adding things and exercising more. And that CAN (not always) work……. for