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Menopause Part 9 Kick Start Newsletter

Hello  Are You Eating Enough Protein In Menopause? As estrogen levels are dropping with the hormonal changes and the metabolic rate is slowing down during the menopause phase, it is helpful to track your macro-nutrients and see if you are eating enough protein. Studies show protein will keep hunger at bay for longer and with

Week 1 January 2016 Kick Start Fat Loss launches

WOW what a week, I have travelled all over the UK to speak at my Franchisees’ January KSFL launches and it has been FANTASTIC… Here is a sneak peak: 4th Jan Hereford with Julie Julie’s story is inspirational, she has been through a lot and lost a lot of weight with KSFL which really came across

Weight loss weaknesses

Are your weight loss weaknesses holding you back? Many dieters begin the day with great intentions only to get that CRAVING in the afternoon! If you can identify your weaknesses then this could help you stay on track and hit those goals! We need to make clean eating a HABIT and only then it can