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Weight loss weaknesses

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Are your weight loss weaknesses holding you back?

Many dieters begin the day with great intentions only to get that CRAVING in the afternoon! If you can identify your weaknesses then this could help you stay on track and hit those goals!

We need to make clean eating a HABIT and only then it can become a lifestyle. At times we can feel so strong and focused but other times REALLY CRAVE that packet of crisps so here may be some of the reasons why:



Sometimes we can be affected by the people around us. It could be that these people have a habit of suggesting a quick takeaway or chocolate cake from the shop. Try suggesting some clean recipes instead that they might enjoy too but still feel like they can have the treats they are craving, for example our Clean Brownies!

Even at work when that someone keeps on bringing in cakes and laying them out for you to stare at…In this case preparation is key, try taking your own healthy lunch so you don’t get hungry and give in !



Is there a certain place where your healthy eating habits are most-tested? I find the Coffee shop is hard with all of the lovely cakes on show! Try and avoid these places and look for a healthy cafe near you that you can still socialise but in a less cake-filled environment!
And if you’re going out to a restaurant for dinner, be prepared and plan what you can have!
Check menus online in advance to prepare yourself, or you could even call up and ask if they can cater for you.
If the worst place for you to indulge is at home then clear your cupboards of all processed and unhealthy foods to stop you reaching for them when you get that craving!


So why am I craving?

Are you actually feeling hungry when you get these cravings or are you stressed, bored or angry? Taking a moment to stop and ask yourself that question before you tuck in may help you understand your eating patterns a bit more. If it is stress then exercise is fantastic for stress release, if you are tired then rehydrate with lots of water.
Have a drink of clean bottled or filtered water first before looking towards food as the brain mistakes hunger for thirst.
Eating foods that contain hidden sugar or gluten may be causing you cravings so check what you are eating and try to eat as clean as possible. Products such as low fat foods / processed foods / tinned / packaged foods all contain sugar / gluten which cause cravings.


When am I craving?
When are you most likely to give in to those cravings?
Do you find yourself reaching for a sugary treat after a stressful day at work when you are tired and vulnerable? If you eat a sugary processed lunch then you will be experiencing an afternoon slump from your sugar level crash- opt instead for something healthy like vegetables and protein which will release energy more efficiently throughout the day. Bake clean the evening before and have it as a healthy snack mid afternoon the next day to stop you reaching for the sugary cakes!

Unless you understand your environment, situation, why and when weak spots, you will struggle to stick to your healthy eating plans.


So be your own diet detective and let’s hit those goals!



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