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New Year New You But For How Long?

NEW YEAR NEW YOU – HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? So you’ve indulged in roast dinners, snacks, choccies and feel like January is the best time to start the ‘new you’. You may have already started! Many people choose fad diets at this time of year as a QUICK FIX but let me tell you

Terri was surprised how easy it was to change her lifestyle and health for the better through KSFL nutrition losing 13 lbs in 28 days

Terri Johnson joined KSFL Stockport with a lack of confidence and poor health and now just 28 days on is seeing brilliant results… “…in such a short space of time I no longer feel overweight, tired and miserable.” Terri feels so amazing that her plan now is to continue on and make KSFL her LIFESTYLE. Read

Weight loss weaknesses

Are your weight loss weaknesses holding you back? Many dieters begin the day with great intentions only to get that CRAVING in the afternoon! If you can identify your weaknesses then this could help you stay on track and hit those goals! We need to make clean eating a HABIT and only then it can

Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) menu launches at the Pheasant pub in County Louth Ireland.

  You are trying to lose weight but your friends have invited you to the pub – queue panic mode! Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) have teamed up with the Pheasant Pub in County Louth Ireland where customers can now enjoy healthy delicious dishes and still shed the pounds. We spoke to Tanya O’connor, Head

Putting her own health first: Health care assistant loses 3 ½ stone with Kick Start Fat Loss

    Slimming clubs, cabbage soup detox, egg and grapefruit diet, slimming pills – just some of the many diets tried and tested by London based and Health Care Assistant Victoria Brodie-Smith. At the start of her weight loss journey Victoria weighed 12 stone 8lbs. Wishing to put a stop to her ‘serial dieting’ and