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Elevate February Team Smashing Their Goals

Team Kick Start Elevate online with Rachel Holmes are now on their LIFT LEAN month and loving the workouts! The weight loss and health improvements have been fantastic so far and are continuing to inspire us!   Here are a couple of votes taken from the group on how they are getting on: Sylvia: Had

Should women lift weights?

Weight-lifting brings fantastic results and is hugely satisfying. It’s now becoming increasingly popular amongst women, but many still worry they will resemble body-builders! Gradually, times are changing and more women are trying resistance training with weights and never looking back! Our Lift Lean programme has been fantastic – seeing brilliant results and encouraging women to

Let’s Talk Menopause #WorldMenopauseDay

Hello!  Firstly, this is just amazing that more women are now asking for help and talking about all things menopause related. We HAVE to have these conversations. We can’t let bright, happy, productive women fall through this menopause hole into feeling so crap. Knowledge is key and there are new studies and evidence finally coming

Fitness Presenter Rachel Holmes Encourages Strong Not Skinny in New LIFT LEAN Programme For Women

With so many diet and weight loss programmes around Fitness and Wellness in 2017 Entrepreneur Rachel Holmes wanted to create a new focus and a fresh plan for her Global Kick Start Women’s Health Tribe. “I have been running fitness, exercise and health programmes online since 2007 that I wanted to take the emphasis AWAY

Launching on Sunday The Brand New 90 Day Womens Health & Weight loss Programme

To add your email to the LAUNCH LIST CLICK HERE   Launching on Sunday The Brand New 90 Day Womens Health & Weight loss Programme. 20 Places Available Only On This Bespoke and Tailored Service. I’ve been working hard researching and creating a new bespoke online programme called The Kick Start 90 Day Women’s Health

The joys of the M word

Today my guest BLOGGER on the newsletter is KSFL Franchisee for LEEDS Andrea Riddoch with an article all about the joys of the M word –  Let me know what you think.   Andrea Riddoch First of all, apologies if you are male, but as the vast majority of my demographic are females I am

Pancake Day 28th February

Pancake day is nearly here and you don’t have to miss out… Make our KSFL friendly pancake recipe, the whole family will love them! Please share on and enjoy 🙂   Join our ONLINE KSFL group HERE What is Elite 35? • Weight loss •Recipes • Motivation • Workouts • Group support online • The

Are You Committed To Your Healthy Eating Lifestyle?

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop its an easy excuse to hibernate, stop exercising and eat comfort food. You might do that for a week which then rolls into a month. Then its Christmas…. and getting your mojo back post Christmas seems like mountain to climb. So today COMMIT. Give yourself a

Let’s Look at Your MindSet Today Ready For The Week

“Your thoughts construct patterns like scaffolding in your mind. You are really etching chemical patterns. In most cases, people get stuck in those patterns, just like grooves in a record, and they never get out of them.” (Steve Jobs) Awesome Quote from Steve Jobs don’t you think? Do you find you get stuck in mental

5 Reasons You Are Feeling Tired

Do you have a serious lack of energy? Not just in the morning but in everything you do? There are so many reasons you could be feeling fatigued and it isn’t just your sleep. 1. Your adrenal glands The hormone-releasing glands may be small, but they are so important in managing your energy levels! Have a