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Team Kick Start Elevate online with Rachel Holmes are now on their LIFT LEAN month and loving the workouts!

The weight loss and health improvements have been fantastic so far and are continuing to inspire us!


Here are a couple of votes taken from the group on how they are getting on:


Had two comments about my middle disappearing today, one off friend in the gym and one off my hairdresser. 👍




Feeling so good right now! I never want this feeling to stop! Since day one I’ve lost a total of 16lbs 🥳 I do have more to go but I’m happy 😃



Used the 5 minute Meditation before bed!! Really liked it!! Thank you Rachel!! Just what I needed after yesterday!! 👍

I don’t know if yesterday was particularly bad or if my awareness is increasing but negativity was everywhere!! Situations!! People!! SLB!!

It really affected me yesterday and brought me right down!
But my 2 new mantras helped!! 😀💪🏼



Lift lean is my thing! Pow!!


More updates to come soon!



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