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KSFL Oregano, Chicken and Kale Pasta

  KSFL Oregano, Chicken and Kale Pasta! This is another spiralizer recipe from the new Rescue Recipe Book. This one is so simple to make and ABSOLUTELY delicious! Please try and share your feedback on social media! Ingredients Courgette Coconut Oil Live Lean Chicken Himalayan Salt Pepper Oregano Flakes Garlic Kale   CLICK HERE to

Balancing Body Breakfast Juice From Kick Start Fat Loss

Here is another one of our famous Juices. This is The Balancing Body Breakfast Juice and its a wonderful Juice to start your day with. You can whizz this up in a juicer / blender I have a Vitamix which really does the trick Have a go an see what you all think?   Who

Kick Start Workout Of The Day & Detox Salmon Salad

Are you up for our Kick Start Workout Of The Day ? If so check the page daily for your workout and perform it as quickly as you can with good form and post your time on the FAcebook.com/KickStartFAtLoss If you are an instructor and teaching HIIT today why not do this as a warm

Fitness Myths and Truths uncovered

We all want to be fit and healthy right? But we want to do it the right way! We are here to shed some light on the TRUTH about some of these common health and fitness myths!   1. Myth- Running is bad for your knees Truth- Studies show that the knees in runners are

Is Your Saucepan Effecting Your Thyroids?

Are you ready for some new Pans? If you are clean eating & taking care with your  nutrition, I wonder if you stop to think much about the pots, pans & cookware you use? Non-stick cookware & bakeware has become enormously popular because its so convenient . Foods slide right off, reducing the amount of

Why We Love The Kick Start Ketogenic Diet For Health & Fatloss

What Is a Ketogenic Diet & Why We Love Ketones on Kick Start Fat Loss. There is lots of chat and talk about Ketogenic diets at the moment. You may have seen the word on blogs & social media but maybe you are not too sure exactly what it means. The great news is that

Kick Start Fat Loss Salmon Mousse

It’s a beautiful day here in the UK so if you are pulling out the BBQ try this summer Salmon Mousse idea Thanks to the Orpington Kick Starters & Fran Flin All this week on Kick Start watch out for tons on exciting clean fatburning food ideas #KSFLFOOD Love Rachel x ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Kick Start Banana & Date Tea Loaf

Another fab recipe idea from the Kick Start Sweet Treats Book Thanks for all the feedback on the recipes:-) I’m so glad you are all enjoying them! Please feel free to share these on your social media. Have a great day Tweet me @RachelHolmes @KickStartFatLoss   Get the Sweet Treats Cook BOOK for £5.99

Kick Start Gluten Free Bread

Are you missing your daily Bread? Why don’t you make your own? These recipes are gluten free and totally healthy and as ever so easy to make.                                                       Thanks

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