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5 Steps To get Back On Track

Hello Happy Monday NEW PODCAST If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with how to get on track with your nutrition, health and fitness I’ve recorded a 15 minute podcast on 5 simple steps you can kick of with this week  If you need a simple plan to get going again and where to start

Hormones, Testing, Bands & Holiday Prep

Health & Wellbeing Updates. Hope you are well?  As I serve and coach women I am asked constantly about Hormones and testing.  It can sometimes be difficult to get hormonal testing on the NHS and if you suspect your hormones are out of balance you may want to get your bloods done to find out exactly

Easter Kick Start Recipes For The Family

Easter is coming and we have some wonderful treats for you! These recipes are KSFL friendly and great to make with the kids too… enjoy 🙂   Happy Baking!

Stay fit on holiday check list

Are you off on your jollies? Keep fit while you are there with our top holiday tips: EATING AND DIET Eat before the airport Pack healthy snacks Driving? Plan pit stops Visit local food markets Make your own meals   EXERCISE AND FITNESS Explore the area on foot/bike Always take the stairs Go on an

Banish those desk job blues with these 5 tips

It is Summer and whilst that means holidays for some it can mean carrying on as normal for a lot of people! Do you have a job which means you are sitting at a desk for hours on end staring at a screen? It can be quite disheartening right?! Well here are my top tips

How Do You Get Back On Track After A Holiday?

Are You Ready To Get Back On Track? O M Gosh how quick has this holiday week gone? So, if you are just getting back from a week away somewhere fab or perhaps you’ve enjoyed a  “staycation” and had a week out of your normal routine  at home. I know you may have enjoyed going

Come along to a KSFL spa break at home or abroad

Do you need a break to relax, focus on your nutrition and health? We have options at home or abroad! See the next scheduled retreats below:   Kick Start Fat Loss Summer Retreat in Pembrokeshire, June  SEE MORE INFO   Shorttfitness Spa and Fitness break in Portugal, September SEE MORE INFO   I hope to see