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Are You Ready To Get
Back On Track?
O M Gosh how quick has this holiday week gone?
So, if you are just getting back from a week away somewhere
fab or perhaps you’ve enjoyed a  “staycation” and had a week
out of your normal routine  at home.
I know you may have enjoyed
going “off piste” with your eating and exercising.
Is it time to reign it back in?
Where do you start?
How do you start?
Here are some great tips from the Kick Start Wellness Stars
to motivate and inspire you.
This is how the pros handle it 🙂
Helen Barness Franchisees For Grays, Essex.

Not that I have had a holiday yet this year but for me I begin to ease off towards the end of the holiday with the indulgences as I know I will be coming back straight into teaching so the twilight drink at the bar starts to disappear and to be honest it’s only really the drink that is the weight gainer on holiday for me as the food is always so great I find I eat more healthily away than sometimes at home!
However fitness regime tends to die off whilst away so when I get home I make sure I am back into exercise straight away and then over that first week start to ease back into some sort of routine again with my food so by the second week I am back into the norm and prepping in advance. I’m never organised enough to have my shopping delivery waiting for me when we get back but might try and do that this year then you could get back on track more quickly as soon as you are back.

Tracy Harrison Franchisee For Plymouth
Make sure all my shopping is in, meals are planned and prepped in advance if it’s a salad etc. Drink lots of water and herbal teas. I also empty out my cupboards of any holiday snacks etc so that I can’t be tempted. I can’t wait to get back to my KSFL healthy Lifestyle this Sunday

Andrea Riddoch  Kick Start Fat Loss Leeds
Join an online programme ( either my own or another franchisee). I often need a more structured approach after a couple of weeks off just to get my head back in the game properly. I also find doing the actual programme alongside my own group Spurs them on as well.
Liz Lane Franchisee For Kick Start Fat Loss Achieva 
After a lovely mini break last weekend I knew I wanted to refocus on my nutrition when I came back. As a coach, my students are accountable to me in our online group and I knew I needed an extra push to make myself accountable so I signed up with Rachel’s online group. Taking my pictures and measurements and planning out my food has made me re-focus my efforts and be much more mindful about looking after myself – so that I can continue to look after my students.
I also make sure I have an online shop delivered for when I get back so I have lots of lovely food to eat after I’ve been away.
Francesca Flin – Fran Franchisee For Orpington
For me, anyway … It’s the drinking beer or fizz at any ol’ time of day that is the best/worst thing about holidays!!!
It’s the association with relaxation I guess?
Of course when you come home, normal life resumes and I find that I’m kinda craving fresh, clean and green! By the second or third day back, I’m back in the zone with routine, working out again and de-stodging my diet very happily!
I guess my advice then is – Get back into your normal routine as quickly as possible and enjoy the feeling of re-setting your diet – feeling healthier, rested and more energetic through good nutrition!
I’m usually so stuffed from overeating and so sluggish from not exercising that my body ‘calls’ out for clean food and exercise.

When I start to exercise my body feels more flexible and not so tight from all the rest I get whilst on holiday and I can exercise more effectively.

So I’m usually on it as soon as I get back! Because this is my ‘Normal’ going on holiday isn’t x
Nicola Carless Franhcisee For Bromsgrove.

1. Ditch the guilt.
What’s done is done! You enjoyed your holiday but now the holiday is over, let’s move forward. Firstly ditch any guilt you feel and stop beating yourself up about it. Feeling guilty about overindulging is wasted energy—spend that energy doing something productive instead.

2. Hydrate.
Staying hydrated helps control hunger and excess appetite. Drink filtered water, herbal and fruit teas and aim to drink 2-3 litres per day. Add lemon or orange slices to naturally flavour water if plain water doesn’t appeal to you.

3. Eat your favourite healthy meal
You are only one healthy meal away from getting back on track with your diet. Make sure you eat plenty of nutritious foods as this will help to prevent cravings and naturally detox your body.

4. Clean out your fridge and restock it with only healthy foods
Stock your fridge with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein such as fish or meat. Avoid all alcohol, sugar and processed foods and eat only clean wholefoods to reset your system.

5. Get Moving and do your favourite workout
You are only one workout away from getting back on track with your exercise so get to your favourite class, go for a run or do whatever you enjoy. This will help you to get your body fat burning, control cravings as well as helping balance your mood and blood sugars!
Hope that helps you all GET BACK ON TRACK
Have an amazing Sunday in the sun ( I hope)
Love Always
Kick Start Fat Loss Director
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