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Are you ready to join a Kick Start Class and Start Your Transformation ?

Are you ready to join a Kick Start Class and Start Your Transformation ? * Are you Struggling with weight loss? * Feel like you are eating healthy and not getting results? * Is the weight creeping on around your middle? * Feeling sluggish, tired and unmotivated? * Hormones out of balance * Experiencing menopausal

Kirsty Trapp KSFL Ilkeston

Join Kirsty in Ilkeston for 12 weeks of nutrition, health and weight loss coaching… see amazing results and feel a boost of energy and vitality. Kirsty will arm you with all the skills you need to transform your lifestyle and your health long term in her new Ilkeston class. This is not a faddy diet

Launching our new Kick Start Transformation courses starting in Ripley, Heanor, Swadlincote,Long Eaton, Carlton and Newark

Launching our new Kick Start Transformation courses starting in Ripley, Heanor, Swadlincote,Long Eaton, Carlton and Newark PLUS New Kick Start Summer Camp and Body Positivity for Girls age 9 – 16years – mums get your girls to come along NEW classes starting 1st August in Ripley BOOK HERE NEW class starting 4th August in Heanor BOOK HERE

Is Sleep Contributing To Weight Gain And Food Cravings?

How did you sleep last night? I’ve been talking so much about sleep in my KSFL classes and on the LIVE Facebook broadcasts. It’s staggering to see how many people are so chronically sleep deprived. And this is having a catastrophic effect on your health and well being. Did you bounce out of bed this

Meet the new Nottingham Kick Start coaches

Kick Start is launching a new exciting project in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area! The project is all about training up a selection of the most elite coaches in the area to teach pop up 4 week transformation centres; educating their local communities on nutrition and exercise for health and weight loss. This is one of our